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Front page stories from 2005-2006 include the following...

Annual Awards/Recognition Ceremony

Academic Boosters held its annual awards/recognition ceremony on Wednesday, June 7, 2006. Following a reception, we held a very short business meeting. The following board was elected:

Our students then took to the floor to thank their coaches and sponsors and to tell us about their teams' amazing accomplishments during the 2005-2006 school year.

Chess Team Ends Successful Year

[May 2006] TJ Chess Team capped off a successful year by taking fifth place in the National High School Championship in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last month. Over 1400 players from hundreds of schools across the country competed in this class event. Our team consisted of: Eddie Lu, Byron Hood, Tim Chen, Atul Kannan, Yang He, Jacob Steinhardt, Tom Chen, Emma Pierson, Brian Hu, Alissa Perman and Nick Loffredo. Individual awards were captured by Eddie (trophy and plaque), Byron (plaque), Tim (plaque), Atul (plaque), Jacob (trophy), Emma (trophy) and Brian (trophy). This is a tremendous accomplishment during a "rebuilding year" for our very young team (of only 3 juniors, 6 sophomores, and 2 freshman). Stop by the Admin office and be blown over by our 4 foot tall Team trophy!

More chess awards 2006
Chess nationals trophy

Ocean Bowl Brings Home Prizes

[May 2006] Congratulations to the Ocean Bowl team for being "one with the sea" in Monterey, California this week at the finals for the National Ocean Science Bowl Competition. Winning a "booty" of money and books please congratulate the following team members:

Annual Awards/Recognition Ceremony

On Wednesday, June 7, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., in the TJ Cafeteria, TJHSST Academic Boosters will hold its annual awards/recognition ceremony. We hope you and your students will join us for the celebration.

To keep the program focused on our students and their coaches — and to keep the program a reasonable length (we know this is exam season) — we will be using last year's successful format. Following a reception (we're calling it "heavy hors d'oeuvres" but this should serve as dinner) and a very short business meeting, our students will take the floor to thank their coaches and tell us about their teams' amazing accomplishments during the 2005-2006 school year. If this works as well as it did last year, it will be memorable: our students are impressive speakers, and they can be counted upon to make the tributes to their coaches gracious and heart-warming.

Here is the schedule for the event.

6:30 p.m. — Our reception in TJ's Cafeteria will begin at 6:30 p.m.. Academic Boosters will be providing sandwiches, but we are asking Booster members to contribute salads and desserts. If you can make a contribution to our light dinner, please contact Marie Romais (DEROMAIS at aol dot com) or Mary Thornton (see "contact us").

7:00 p.m. — Short business meeting, at which we will introduce the nominees to lead Academic Boosters during the next school year and ask members to vote on that slate.

The nominees are:

7:15 p.m. — Presentations by student representatives from each of our academic teams. We will be asking students from each team to thank their coaches and to say a few words (2-3 minutes) about their teams' accomplishments during this past school year.

8:00 – 8:30 p.m. — More food and conversation. We will set up separate tables for each of our academic teams, so that team members can wind up the evening with their team-mates and coaches.

8:30 p.m. — Clean-Up/Adjourn

We Have a Candidate for Vice President

[5/21/06] Amy Lu, mother of Jesse Liu (Class of 2008), has graciously agreed to serve the Vice President position for the coming school year. Hence, we will have a complete slate of officers to be voted on at the annual awards/recognition ceremony.

Wanted: Booster Vice President, Board Members

[May 2006] The office of Vice President for the 2006-2007 school year is vacant. If anyone is willing to serve as Vice President (or two people are willing to "share" the job, as our secretary nominees are proposing to do), please contact Andrea Field by email (see "contact us").

Also, the charter of Academic Boosters authorizes an elected Board of Directors of up to 25 members. Please contact Ms. Field if you would be interested in serving on the Board as a non-officer.

Japan Bowl Takes 2nd Place

[April 2006] Our Level 4 Japan Bowl team won the 2nd place at 2006 National Japan Bowl tournament held at the University of the District of Columbia on March 25 and 26. Kudos to Sam Davis (12), Akshay Joshi (12) and Yang Jiao (11)!! Both of Level 2 (Samantha Keyser(10), Jessica Lee (10) and Ji Eun (9)) and Level 3 (Casto Unson (11), Cindy Hui (11) and Elise Ko (11)) proceeded to the semi-final round.

Chess Team ranks 5th in the USA

[April 25, 2006] TJ's Chess team competed at the national high school chess tournament in Milwaukee this past week end. The team came in 5th overall in the country, and individual members of the 11-person TJ team were outstanding!

The 5th place team trophy comes with 5 plaques listing the names Eddie Lu, Tim Chen, Bryan Hood, Atul Kannan, Jacob Steinhardt, and Yang He.

chess trophies

Certamen Win State Championship

[April 2006] Congratulations to the new Virginia State Latin I Certamen Champions. The Thomas Jefferson Certamen team won first place at the state championship this past weekend at James Madison University. Please congratulate all of the team members: Nalaie Villacorta, Maia Wei, Lily Hsiang, SoonWook Hong, Steven Drodge, Lucas Carreno, and Steve Kim. SoonWook "Drusus" Hong (A3) led the team to victory in the final round!

After four years the Latin 1 team recaptured the first place glory achieved by current seniors: Colton O'Connor, Allie Perez, and Abi Sawant.

Our Upper Level TJ Latin Certamen team captured 3rd place at the State Finals. A stellar team: Allie Perez, Jesse Wong, George Leef, and Timmy Hunter-Kilmer; fought against the best in the state.

Allie Perez was recognized for her achievement in Certamen.

Debate Team Takes on Public Policy

[April 2006] The team of Colin Buss and Crystal Zheng made it to the final round of AAA contemporary policy debate, though they lost in that final round--so they placed second for the tournament as a whole. The team of Bryan Chun and Daniel Holohan made it to the semifinals in classic policy debate and placed third in that category.

TJ Going to National Chemistry Olympiad

[April 2006] Congratulations to senior, Nebojsa Momcilovic, and sophomore, Zeshan (Jack) Wang, who will represent TJHSST and the Chemical Society of Washington (CSW) in the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad on Thursday, April 20th at the Catholic University of America, in Washington DC.

Odyssey of the Mind Team Qualifies for World Finals

[April 2006] Thomas Jefferson HSST will be sending the following students to the World Finals of Odyssey of the Mind in Ames, Iowa on May 24-27.

Winning first place at the State Finals in the "Jungle Bloke" problem were Vidya Avadhanam, Kevin Brown, Ankur Desai, Peter Gudmundsen, Richard Kim, Peter Kole, and Kevin Pujanauski. The team is hoping to sponsor an international team while competing at the World Finals.

Taking top honors in the "Tech Transfer" problem were Sarah Benjamin, Ioana Cristei, Emily Gillevet, Nadir Ijaz, Michael Lowman, Brian Wu, and Tim Xu.

Earning second place were Sumit Malik, Ryan Kim, Jeanette Miranda, Mounika Garlapati, Zoe Renfro, and Josh Lee, also in the "Tech Transfer" problem.

Also winning second were James Heard, Molly Patterson, Christianna Hay, and Michael Meadows in the "Great Parade" problem.

Four other TJ students, Colton O'Connor, Alfie Parthum, Robert Pasacki, and Josh Mullins, will be attending the World Finals as part of a multi-school team representing Chantilly.

Congratulations to all these TJ students for their success and good luck at the World Finals.

Chemistry Olympiad Finalists

[April 2006] The following TJ students have been nominated as Finalist for the Chemistry Olympiad. They will compete in the DC area to represent TJHSST at the National Level. The finalist are: Nebojsa Momcilovic, Veronica Pillar, Joel Shor and Zeshan (Jack) Wang.

Computer Science Team Wins!

[March 2006] Congratulations to TJ Senior Computer Science Team — Nadeem Kolia, Joshua Cranmer, Fred Mako, Jacob Steinhardt — for placing 1st at the annual VCU programming contest. The Freshmen Computer Team — Simon Ho, Lily Hsiang, Filip Sufitchi, Arvind Thiagarajan — placed 3rd. On Saturday March 11th the TJ Senior Computer team placed 1st out of 40 teams at the annual University of Maryland programming contest, narrowly defeating Montgomery Blair. TJ wins $2,500 thanks to the fantastic efforts of Men Young Lee, Thomas Morgan, Evans Xiang, and Jonathan Wang.

It's Academic Undefeated

[March 2006] TJ's Academic Team – Neel Kotra, Scott Ylinen, Charlotte Seid, Evan Silberman, Michael Romais, Keshav Pillai, and Abhi Kapuria – went undefeated at the February 25 Virginia High School League State Competition and won the championship. Former and current coaches Mrs. Donohue, Mrs. Modell, and Mrs. Kreloff supported the team. Also, the team of Neel Kotra, Scott Ylinen, and Charlotte Seid prevailed in the next round of the NBC4 It's Academic competition. Be sure to watch them when the show airs on Saturday, April 29th.

Math Team Finishes 2nd

[March 2006] Competing with teams from all over the country, the TJ Varsity Math Team – Peter Diao, Jesse Geneson, Menyoung Lee, Daniel Schaeffer, Veronica Pillar, Jeff Zhao, Jeff Chen and Haitao Mao – finished second at the February 2006 Harvard-MIT math competition.

2006 Debate Team Champs

[March 2006] For the first time, TJ's Debate Team won WACFL's Lincoln-Douglas Debate Sweepstakes Award. That means TJ's L-D Debate Team was cumulatively the best in the region this past year. More good news: two TJ Policy Debate teams qualified to compete at the CFL National Debate Championship in May in Chicago. Congratulations Cristal Zheng, Sisy Wang, Colin Buss, and Dan Holohan!

debate team

Debate Coach Sherwood Williams and Members of the 2005-2006 WACFL Championship TJ Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team

2006 Chess Champs

[March 2006] After taking first place in the year-long Metro Area Chess League competition, TJ's Chess Team won the 2006 Virginia Scholastic Chess Championships for the 8th consecutive year. And for the 5th consecutive year, the individual in first place was a TJ student: Eddie Lu, a freshman. Atul Kannan came in 8th overall. Other TJ Chess team players competing at States were Ved Basu, Eli Chen, Tim Chen, Tom Chen, Jacob Daniels, Joyce Fang, Yang He, Bryon Hood, Jesse Liu, Nicholas Loffredo, Joey Regalbuto, Trey Repetksi, Jacob Steinhardt, Yangbo Xu, and Jeffrey Zhang.

chess champs

1st Place in the High School Division
at the 2006 Virginia Scholastic Chess Championship

chess champs

2005-2006 Champions, Metro Area Chess League (MACL) Southern Division

Chess Team Wins Again

[March 2006] Congratulations to the Chess Team for winning the Metro Area Chess League playoff tournament. The winning team was: Eddie Lu, Bryon Hood, Tim Chen, Yang He and Tom Chen.

Biology Olympiad Open Exam Winners

[March 2006] Congratulations to the following students who scored high enough on the Biology Olympiad Open Exam to be invited to compete in the USA Biology Olympiad Semifinal Exam: Bruce Sun; Daniel Metzel; Alice Gissinger; Zixuan Wang; Peiyu Wang; Nina Ran; Allison Shea; Emily Prentice; Benjamin Ranard; Lisa Marrone; Han Zhang; Jessica Lee; Peter Bojo; Andrew Li; Mellissa Shue; Yu Zhao; Jason Besecky; Francis Deng; N Madhusudhan; George Leef; Stephen Chi; Cassandra Xia; Helen Zhang; Rebecca Chung; Oleg Lazarev; Charlotte Seid; and Victor Zhu.

All of our students did very well on the exam. The majority of whom missed qualifying for the semifinal by only a few points. Great job!

Victory At Sea (Ocean Bowl)

[February 2006] For the second straight year, TJ's Ocean Bowl Team won the Chesapeake Bay Bowl Regional Competition. TJ's Team A (Wil Kilpatrick, Avi Baehr, Seth Waddell, Helen Zhang, and Zack Yang), took first place, and TJ's Team B (Aimee Zhang, Alex Kim, Catherine Kim, Oleg Lazarev, and Colleen Zhu) took third place. In May, Team A will represent the Chesapeake Area in the National Ocean Sciences Bowl.

Victory On Land (Debate Team)

[February 2006] TJ's Debate Team qualified yet another varsity policy team (this time, the team of George Leef and Keshav Pillai) to compete in the MetroFinal Championships scheduled to be help on March 17-18, 2006. The Northern Virginia area allows only 16 policy teams to compete in the tournament, and this year four of those teams will be from TJ. Four JV policy teams will also be competing in the tournament. In addition, TJ will be sending five varsity and four junior varsity debaters to compete in the Lincoln-Douglas competition at MetroFinals.

Ivy League Model UN Tournament Wins

[February 2006] TJ's Model UN team won many awards (including 4 gavels) at the Ivy League Model UN Tournament at the University of Pennsylvania, and the team won the recent CD Hylton High School MUN tournament.

Certamen Take 1st and 2nd Place

[February 2006] Congratulations to the Thomas Jefferson Latin 1 Certamen teams for winning first and second place at the Broadneck Certamen last weekend. The two teams dominated the crowded field. First place went to: Lily Hsiang, Ellen Huang, SoonWook Hong, and Maya Wei. Second place went to the veteran team of: Steve "Fabius" Kim, Lucas "Ovid" Carreno, Natalie "Agrippina" VillaCorta, and Adrienne "Andromeda" Arditti.

It's Academic Team Takes District and Regional Titles

[January 2006] TJ It's Academic Team just competed at the Virginia High School League District and Northern region tournaments. TJ's team of Neel Kotra, Scott Ylinen, Charlotte Seid, Evan Silberman, Michael Romais, Abhi Kapuria, Keshav Pillai, and Jacob Kohn went undefeated, taking the district title. Jefferson then won the regional competition by defeating Westfield, Edison, and Langley. The team will participate in the State tournament on February 25.

Model UN Wins Chantilly Tournament

[January 2006] TJ's Model UN team won the Chantilly High School MUN tournament, and 108 team members are competing at the January 26-29 UPenn National MUN Tournament.

Debate Team Brings Home the Medals

[January 2006] TJ's Debate Team came away with more medals at the January 7 WACFL IV tournament. In the varsity Lincoln-Douglas competition, Nina Ran won the first-place speaker award; Ben Field was the second-place speaker and won first place overall; Teddy McNeill placed sixth. In the policy competition, additional students now qualified to compete in the March 2006 Metro finals include Andrew Li, Ashwin Goyal, Lisa Pang, Huan Song, David Dornblaser, and George Leef.

Chess Team Keeps Up Winning Streak

[January 2006] The TJ Chess Team had continued its winning traditions by sweeping the South Metro Area Chess League opening tournament, winning first place as a team, as well as taking all the top five individual awards. In inter-school match play so far, TJ has a perfect 5-0 record, some against rather difficult competition.

In November 2005, the Chess Team led a successful venture to Atlanta, GA for the National Youth Action Tournament. Despite the graduation of the top two rated players last year, our team finished third in the nation—only one-half point behind the first-place team. The 9-member team brought home a total of 17 trophies!

The team plans to wrap up the season with the National High School Chess Championships in Milwaukee, WI and the Virginia State Championships in Roanoke, VA. TJ will be defending their current streak of seven consecutive Virginia State Championship titles.

It's Academic Team Updates

[December 10, 2005] The Jefferson Academic team sent two teams to The Maggie Walker Governor's School Academic Competition in Richmond. Both teams made the playoffs, but had the unfortunate luck of meeting in the quarterfinals. The A team won, and went on to finish third after losing a hard fought match against Richard Montgomery High School.

[December 4, 2005] Jefferson It's Academic sent two teams to Centennial High School in Maryland to compete. Both teams went undefeated in the prelimiaries and were seeded 1-2. They met in the finals, with the A team, consisting of Neel Kotra, Charlotte Seid, Evan Silberman, and Michael Romais, coming away victorious.

Debate Team Continues to Shine

[December 2005]  At the national competition level, TJ debaters now routinely make it past the preliminary rounds and into the playoff rounds. At the Princeton Debate Tournament in early December, Teddy McNeil made it into the playoff rounds in the varsity division and Girish Rajagopalan made it into the playoff rounds in the JV division. Locally, two more of our debaters — Daniel Chavez and Francis Deng — have qualified to participate in the league's Metro-Finals tournament in March 2006.

Math Team Victories

[December 2005]  TJ's Varsity Math Team swept in a recent competition at Duke University, taking first and second place over 30 other teams from many states. The TJ A team of Jesse Geneson, Peter Diao, Men Young Lee, Veronica Pillar, Daniel Schafer and Hai Tao Mao placed first. The B team, including Winston Yan, Calvin Hayes, Freddy Mako, Evans Xiang, and Jack Wang and Jeff Chen, placed second. Tied with two others for top individual scorer were Veronica Pillar and Men Young Lee. Hai Tao Mao had the highest individual score of any sophomore at the competition.

Debate Team Update

[November 2005]  At Wake Forest's national Earlybird Debate Tournament, TJ varsity Lincoln-Douglas debaters Nina Ran and Ben Field reached the playoff Round of 16.

Nut Sale Distribution

We set up in the cafeteria from about 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 22 to distribute nuts.

If you want to purchase any additional bags of nuts, we have lots of extras. Feel free to mention this to all your friends and encourage them to buy. All profits go to TJ's outstanding academic teams!

It's Academic Team Gets a Strong Start

[October 29, 2005]  The A team of Evan Silberman, Charlotte Seid, Allan Fan, and Abhi Kapuria won the University of Virginia's Cavalier Classic X Tournament. The B team of Keshav Pillai, Bo Billy Fan, and Arjun Ramesh went 3-2 in the preliminary rounds and progressed to the Round of 8 in the playoffs.

[October 16, 2005]  The Academic Team's A team of Neel Kotra, Scott Ylinen, Evan Silberman, and Charlotte Seid won the University of Maryland's High School Invitational Tournament. The B team of Dan Schafer, Michael Romais, Bo Billy Fan, and Keshav Pillai progressed to the playoffs, while C team of Robin Levy, Abhi Kapuria, Allan Fan, Arianna Geneson, and Jacob Kohn went 4-2 in the preliminary rounds.

Chess Team Wins Metro Area Kickoff Tournament

[October 22, 2005]  The Chess Team took first place in the Metro Area Chess League kickoff tournament with a perfect score (16 out of 16 points). There was a four-way tie for individual first place finishers —they were all from TJ!

Debate Team Starts Season in Grand Style

[October 2005]  At WACFL I, one third of the competing TJ debaters qualified to compete at the March Metro Finals tournament. On the Lincoln-Douglas side of the Debate Team, the Metro qualifiers were Spencer Fogg (who placed second among Varsity competitors, with a perfect 4-0 record); Ben Field (who placed fifth in Varsity); Lulu Wang (first place in JV with a perfect 4-0 record); and Sahithi Boggavarapu (who placed fourth in JV). Both Lulu and Sahithi, after placing at WACFL, now move up to Varsity. On the team's Policy side, Ryan Kim and David Wang qualified for the Metro Finals at the JV level.

Awards, 2005-06

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