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FPS International Bowl Results

[June 6, 2007] Congratulations to the following TJ students who competed in the 2007 Future Problem Solving International Bowl which was held this past week on the campus of Colorado State University. Our students did great when considering the competitive nature of this international academic competition. Teams from 47 states and 8 countries competed in the four day competition. Please congratulate all of these students when you see them this week.

The TJ FPSers would like to thank Rich Slivoskey and Marie Laducci for all the support that they have provided to our teams over the years. Additionally, the TJ FPSers would also like to give a big thanks to the TJ Academic Boosters for their generous support in providing assistance to our FPSers for both the Virginia and International Bowl competitions.

Certamen Team Wrap-Up

[June 5, 2007] The Latin Honor Society had a very successful year. Starting off with convention, many students placed in tests, creative arts, and graphic arts, some even earning sweepstakes awards and a few received "best-in-show." As usual, throughout the year LHS held many events from Saturnalia to the celebration of Rome's birthday. Also, the third annual TJ Certamen was a success. Students also participated in tests: the National Latin Exam (NLE), the National Greek Exam, the Classical Association of Virginia Exam (CAV), and the Medusa Mythology Test. Numerous students placed in each of those tests. A few students received a perfect score on the NLE this year, and quite a few students received book awards for having achieved high scores repeatedly. And in addition to the many students who placed on the CAV, some were inducted in the "Hall of Fame" for having done well repeatedly or even become legends. The Latin Certamen teams have also done fairly well this year, with a few students having made the Virginia state team and who will compete at the National Latin Convention this summer.

Debate Team Wrap-Up

[June 4, 2007] Thomas Jefferson's debate team has finished a busy and fruitful year, capped by an unusually successful performance in the Catholic Forensic League. Of the Northern Virginia Lincoln-Douglas competitors who qualified for the national tournament in Houston, fully half of them (three of the six qualifiers: Steven Chen, Lily Hsiang, and Teddy McNeill) came from Thomas Jefferson. In addition to the success on the Lincoln-Douglas side, one of our policy teams — the team of Bryan Chun and Daniel Holohan — also qualified to compete at Houston.

TJ participation rates at the local CFL tournaments increased again this year, so that by the winter tournaments our team was consistently sending between 35 and 40 Lincoln-Douglas competitors to each CFL contest. The size of that contingent is quite unusual; the tournament administrators were almost at a loss as to how to accommodate so many competitors from a single school. The effects of that dominance included a record thirteen Lincoln-Douglas qualifiers at the regional tournament in March, and then our success, noted above, in placing qualifiers to the CFL Nationals.

In addition to our participation in the local invitationals — the six local CFL tournaments, the novice competition at Chantilly, and the Broad Run Invitationals — Thomas Jefferson competed successfully at three national invitationals: the Wake Forest Earlybird, the Princeton Classic, and the Harvard National Invitational. At both Princeton and Harvard, we recruited more Lincoln-Douglas competitors than ever before. Our performance at the three tournaments was consistently solid and even — especially at Princeton — impressive: at Princeton, three of our competitors (Varun Bansal, Teddy McNeill, and Lulu Wang) made it to the final rounds – an unusual achievement at a national invitational.

Last but not least, TJ succeeded again this year in the Virginia High School League competitions, with our policy teams essentially sweeping the district tournament. One Lincoln-Douglas debater (Teddy McNeill) and one classic policy team (the team of Hannah Clark and Francis Zheng) qualified at the regionals to represent northern Virginia at the annual state competition in Lynchburg. All of our state competitors came back with winning records, and our team looks forward to the prospect of more, and more intense, competitions next year.

It seems not inappropriate, at this point, to note also that our debaters literally could not have competed nationally without the Academic Boosters' support. Without the Boosters, we would not have been able to bring all our qualifiers to the CFL Nationals tournament, and we would not have been sending debaters to the final rounds at Wake Forest, Princeton, and Harvard. Although the debaters have worked hard, as always, in raising funds – we sponsor more food sales at TJ than any other group – they are intensely aware of how fortunate they have been in securing Boosters support.

USA Computing Olympiad

[June 4, 2007] Congratulations to juniors Jacob Steinhardt and Haitao Mao who both have been selected for the USA Invitational Competition. See the complete list of finalists. Freshman Brian Hamrick was first place in the U.S. in silver, and freshman Tom Georgiou was first place in the U.S. in bronze. The contest had three divisions: gold, silver, and bronze. Among domestic competitors TJ had five of the top 15 in gold, four of the top 15 in silver, and two of the top five in bronze. Among all international competitors (many from China and Eastern Europe) that translates to five of the top 70 in gold, five of the top 80 in silver, and two of the top 35 in bronze.

Ocean Bowl News

[June 3, 2007] The Ocean Bowl team took first place at the regional Chesapeake Bay Bowl in February. That qualified the team to compete in the 2007 National Ocean Sciences Bowl Final Competition in Stony Brook, New York, April 28-30th where they advanced to double eliminations. Congratulations to coach Lisa Wu, Captain Seth Waddell, Avi Baehr, Aimee Zhang, Helen Zhang, Alex Kim, Catherine Kim, Diane Palko, Oleg Lazarev, Bryan Chung, and Joey Jachowski.

Bylaws Revison

[June 2, 2007] We will vote at the Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet on a new version of the Academic Boosters bylaws. Before the meeting, please read our current and proposed bylaws. The intent is to make the bylaws easier to understand and to bring them up to date with current practices and technology.

ACSL All-Stars

[June 1, 2007] The Senior and Frosh 'Puter Teams went to Houston, TX, for the American Computer Science League All-Star Competition on Saturday, 26 May 2007. There were teams from all over the United States plus teams from Canada and a few European teams.

The Senior Team — Jeff Chen, Joshua Cranmer, Tom Morgan (Captain), Brandon Vargo, and Jonathan Wang — had a perfect 60 point score in the programming portion and finished sixth in the Senior-5 competition.

The Frosh Team — Chris Carey (Captain), Jack Chen, Brian Hamrick, Victor Hsu, and Daniel Li — had a perfect 40 point score in the programming portion and, with their top 31 point score in the short problems, finished first in the Junior-5 competition.

Shane Torbert sponsors the Senior Team and Steve Rose sponsor the Frosh Team.

4th VCU HS Programming Contest

[June 1, 2007] The Senior and Frosh 'Puter Teams went to Richmond, VA, for the 4th Virginia Commonwealth University High School Programming Contest on Friday, 9 March 2007.

The Senior Team — Tiffany Cai, Jeff Chen, Joshua Cranmer, and Stephen Drodge — solved eight of ten problems and placed first winning four year $1000 scholarships each.

The Frosh Team — Chris Carey, Brian Hamrick, Daniel Li, and Daniel Ranard — also solved eight of ten problems, but not as quickly, and placed second.

Odyssey of the Mind World Finals

[June 1, 2007] Students from around the world competed in the 28th Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in Michigan, May 23 – May 28. TJ placed seventh in the world in the vehicle problem and second in creativity for the design of their structure at the world's. TJ also placed eleventh for the technical problem and sixteenth in the structure problem.

Odyssey of the Mind team at World Finals

L to R: Ankit Kapoor, Dustin Moore, Sunaina Kapoor, Christianna Hay, Kushal Seetharam, Nicole Yu, and Arjun Khanna — Two problem team from TJ that placed 7th at World's

Following are results of OM State Final 2007 and OM World Final 2007:

1st place at OM State Final and 7th place at OM World Final – Vehicle Problem – Team 33516 # B consisting of Sunaina Kapoor, Arjun Khanna, Christianna Hay, Dustin Moore, Nicole Yu, Kushal Seetharam and Ankit Kapoor (TJ class of 2011, currently at Kilmer Middle School).

2nd place at OM State Final and 16th place at OM World Final – Balsa Wood Problem - Team 33516 # B consisting of Sunaina Kapoor, Arjun Khanna, Christianna Hay, Dustin Moore, Nicole Yu, Kushal Seetharam and Ankit Kapoor (TJ class of 2011, currently at Kilmer Middle School).

Odyssey of the Mind team at World Finals

L to R – Kushal Seetharam, Ankit Kapoor, Nicole Yu, Dustin Moore, Coach Atul Kapoor, Sunaina Kapoor, Arjun Khanna, and Coach Jim Yu

2nd place at State Final and 11th place at OM World Final – Large and Small of it problem – Team 35519 B consisting of Aditya Palepu, Ryan Kim, Shebani Rao, Summit Malik, Vangie Xu Jeanette Miranda, Shu Liu.

Odyssey of the Mind team at World Finals

L to R – Shebani Rao, Jeanette Miranda, Sumit Malik, Shu Liu, Vangie Xu, Ryan Kim, and Aditya Palepu – Team placed 11th at World's for Technical problem

3rd place at OM State Final – performance problem – Team consisting of Ankur Desai, Vidya Avadhanam, Kevin Brown, Richard Kim, Peter Kole, Peter Gudmundson, Kevin Pujanauski.

Boosters – We need your help

[May 18, 2007] We need the help of all Academic Boosters at the Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet. Among the many ways you can help are:

Banquet Food Help Wanted

[May 18, 2007] Academic Boosters families, please help us by contributing food for our annual Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet.

If you can make a contribution to our light dinner, please contact

George He

Banquet RSVP due May 20

[May 18, 2007] All team members, parents, sponsors, and coaches are invited to the TJHSST Academic Boosters' annual Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet on Wednesday, June 6. We hope you and your students will join us for the celebration. To promote TJ's superb academic teams and to reach out to new students, we have also invited the incoming freshmen and their families to the event. We expect a good turnout.

To help us plan the event with adequate food supply, RSVP to

Frances Shi
by May 20, 2007.

Academic Team Members – We Need Your Help

[May 18, 2007] We would like each team to make a presentation at the Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet. This is the time student representatives should thank their coaches and report succinctly about their teams' accomplishments during this past school year. Student presentations are limited to 5 minutes per team.

We will set up separate tables for each of our academic teams so that team members can interact among themselves and recruit new members from the incoming freshmen. Please bring trophies your team has won this year.

Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet

[May 17, 2007] The Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet for TJ's academic teams will be held on Wednesday, June 6, 2007, 6-8:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria. All team members, parents, sponsors, and coaches are strongly encouraged to attend.

Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet

[May 17, 2007] The Student Achievement and Coach Appreciation Banquet for TJ's academic teams will be held on Wednesday, June 6, 2007, 6-8:30 p.m. in the Cafeteria. All team members, parents, sponsors, and coaches are strongly encouraged to attend. The program is planned as follows:

6:00 p.m. — Social time to meet the principal, coaches, team members, and team parents. Reception includes a complimentary light meal and beverages.

7 p.m. — Business meeting, including elections for 2007-2008 officers. The following is the current list of nominees:

7:15 p.m. Team Presentations

8 p.m. Social time. Optional team meetings

8:30 p.m. Adjournment

Team sponsors and coaches, we need your help.

[May 17, 2007] We intend to produce an annual report, which highlights team achievements and recognizes donor families, to be distributed at the event. We need your team input for the production. Please assign one student (perhaps your team historian) to send a one-page summary about your team activities and accomplishments for the past year. This summary must be submitted to

Vicky Linnell
no later than May 25. For ideas, please see last year's report.

It's Academic Team on TV

[May 16, 2007] TJ's "It's Academic" Team will be on television this weekend. Watch them on WRC-TV Channel 4 at 10 AM Saturday.

2007 Future Problem Solving State Bowl Results

[April 26, 2007] Congratulations to the following TJ students who competed in the 2007 Virginia Future Problem Solving State Bowl, which was held this past weekend in Richmond.

Senior Division, Individual Competition:

Team Competition - Senior Division:

Team Competition - Middle Division

Scenario Writing Senior Division

Congratulations also need to go out to Zoe Hoffman, who is a member of the Independent Team from Fairfax County, which finished first in the senior team division.

Chess Team takes 3rd place at National Championship

[April 20, 2007] Congratulations to the Chess Team for their Performance at the National Championship. The team won third place overall. Sophomore Eddie Lu placed 20th and Senior Atul Kannan won third place class-C player. In the under 1200 section, the team took 13th place.

Odyssey Of The Mind – Regional Competition

[April 13, 2007] Five teams competed at the regional competition, with one team competing in two problems. Three out of five teams won first place, with one team winning first place in two problems. The team that won first place in both problems they competed in consists of Sunaina Kapoor (10), Christianna Hay (10) Arjun Khanna (11), Dustin Moore (11), Nicole Yu (9), Kushal Seetharam (9), and Ankit Kapoor (8) from Kilmer Middle School. The first place teams are moving on to OoTM Virginia State Competition, to be held on April 21st, 2007.

TJ's National Chemistry Olympiad Finalists Chosen

[April 9, 2007] The following two students have excelled through recent competitions and have been selected as our U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Finalists:

The Chemistry Olympiad rules only allow two students to be nominated by respective schools for competition at the National Level. Over 60 students have been involved through much of this school year in a variety of team-like training sessions, practice sets, and problem-based exams all during 8th Periods and after school. There have been various criteria used along the way to select our top Chemistry students. Leo is a Senior who is completing both Chemical Analysis Research and the year-long sequence of Introductory Organic Chemistry with Instrumental Analysis. Meng-Yang is a Junior who is currently completing the year-long sequence of Introductory Organic Chemistry with Instrumental Analysis.

Leo and Meng-Yang will be invited to take an 8-hour National Exam at American University on April 27, 2007. Based on those results, the top 20 students in the Nation are chosen to represent the U.S. and attend a training camp for the International Competition.

Three Odyssey of the Mind teams advance to State Finals!

[March 28, 2007] TJ sent five teams to the Odyssey of the Mind regional competition held recently at Hayfield High School. Three of the teams are advancing to the State Finals which will be held in Newport News on April 21.

Chemistry Olympiad Final Four Semi-Finalists

[March 28, 2007] The following four students from TJ have excelled through recent competitions and have been selected as our Chemistry Olympiad Final Four Semi-Finalists:

The Chemistry Olympiad rules only allow two students to be nominated by respective schools for competition at the National Level. Those named above will go through one more round of exams for selection of our two nominees. These will then be invited to take an 8-hour National Exam at American University on April 27, 2007. Based on those results, the top 20 students in the Nation are chosen to represent the U.S. and attend a training camp for the International Competition.

FCPS Sweep Virginia Scholastic Chess Championships

[March 20, 2007] Four Fairfax County public schools have captured top honors at the state Scholastic Chess Championships. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) won the K-12 division, Kilmer Middle School won the K-8 division, Bull Run Elementary School and Greenbriar West Elementary School tied to win the K-5 division, and Greenbriar West Elementary School won the K-3 division. The tournament was sponsored by the Virginia Scholastic Chess Association.

TJHSST was the top team finisher among 11 schools in the K-12 division. Members of the TJHSST team were Aryan Khojandi, Emma Pierson, Edward Lu, Byron Hood, Atul Kannan, Jacob Steinhardt, Tim Chen, Tom Chen, Brian Cheng, Lenny Li, Jeffrey Zhang, Mac Stevens, Bharat Ponnaluri, Nicholas Loffredo, Yasaswi Raparla, Jean He, Andrew Rodriguez, Jacob Daniels, Brian Hu, Eli Chen, Trey Repetski, Arjun Ramesh, Esther Li, and Igor Semyonov.

Computer Team's Winning Month

[March 23, 2007] Senior Computer Team placed second of forty teams at University of Maryland High School Computer Contest on Saturday, 3 March, by solving seven of eight problems. Team members were: Haitao Mao, Tom Morgan, Jacob Steinhardt, and Jonathan Wang.

Senior and Freshmen Computer Teams place first and second of sixteen teams at Virginia Commonwealth University High School Computer Contest on Friday, 9 March. Senior Computer Team members were: Tiffany Cai, Jeff Chen (11th grade), Joshua Cranmer, and Stephen Drodge. Frosh Team members were: Chris Carey, Brian Hamrick, Daniel Li, and Daniel Ranard. Both teams solved eight of ten problems, but the Senior Team used less time to earn their score.

Shane Torbert sponsors the Senior Team and Steve Rose sponsors the Frosh Team.

Debate Team Shines at the Metrofinals

[March 21, 2007] The debate team excelled at the March 17th Metrofinals held at Dominion High School. In LD, Viola Li, Nate Cottingham, and Christine O'Donnell placed 8th, 4th, and 6th respectively at the Junior Varsity level. At the Varsity level, Teddy McNeill was the Metrofinals champion and won the first speaker title. Lily Hsiang and Steven Chen placed 4th and 5th respectively. Teddy, Lily, and Steven all qualify for the NCFL Grand Nationals. In Policy, the team of Bryan Chun and Dan Holohan placed 5th at the Varsity level. They both also qualify for NCFL Grand Nationals. The team as a whole also won both sweepstakes awards, placing 1st in LD and 3rd in Policy.

Debate team w/trophy

At the VHSL Debate Tournament (left to right): Dan Holohan, Franklin Zheng, Teddy McNeill (captain, holding the team's 1st Place Trophy), Mr. Sherwood Williams (faculty sponsor), Lulu Wang, and Rohit Dasgupta.

Biology Olympiad – 34 Semifinalists

[March 15, 2007] TJ Biology Olympiad had incredible success in the preliminary USABO Open Exam this year and was recognized with 34 semifinalists. The semifinalists are now studying for an additional exam in mid-March that will choose the nation's top twenty students for a biology training camp over the summer where the nation's top four students will represent the US in the International Biology Olympiad. The following students are to be congratulated for their outstanding performance on the Open Exam and wished luck for the upcoming test:

Jason Besecky Tiffany Cai Yun Ji Choi
Rebecca Chung Francis Deng Huanqi Deng
Esteban Margarita Erin Glennon Sudha Guttikonda
Joshua Hahm Lily Hsiang Min Jang
Arjun Khanna Alexander Kim Hee Kim
Sarah Kim Stephen Lam Oleg Lazarev
Sanghun Lee George Leef Shu Liu
Katherine McLaughlin Wooyoung Moon Monica Mowery
Katie Neitzke Alexander Nguyen Emma Pierson
Emily Prentice Alexandra Ruth Bruce Sun
Matt Synder Steven Tan Cassandra Xia
Victor Zhu    

Its Academic Takes 2nd at VHSL State Championship

[March 10, 2007] TJ's district and regional Scholastic Bowl Championship Team of Bo Fan, Phil Graves, Keshav Pillai, and Captains Michael Romais and Evan Silberman traveled to William and Mary on February 24 to compete in the Virginia High School League State Scholastic Championship. The TJ team came in second-place at the tournament.

MUN Wins at Two Conferences

[March 10, 2007] TJ Model UN won the Secretary-General's award for Best Large School at Gar-Field High School on February 23-24 and at George Mason University on March 2-4. Gavels at Mason went to Marina Arnold, Vish Sridharan and Anna Lan, Sumit Malik, Naren Tallapragada, and Will Clark. The school's TechMUN conference, the highlight of the year, is March 23-24 at TJHSST.

Math Team Tournament at MIT

[March 3, 2007] Four Jefferson teams participated in the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament at MIT on February 24. The A team managed third place overall, and won first place in the Guts competition and third in the Team round. A team members Haitao Mao and Jacob Steinhardt won top 10 in the overall individual contest; Jacob Steinhardt won first place in Combinatorics.

Display Board

[February 20, 2007] The Academic Booster display board has been installed in the main lobby.

Academic Booster display board

Academic Boosters Display Board

TJ Science Bowl Wins Championship

[February 12, 2007] Congratulations to the TJ Science Bowl team of Logan Kearsley, Atul Kannon, George Leef, Bruce Sun, and Jack Wang. On Saturday, February 9th, TJ won 8 matches and went undefeated to capture the Virginia Science Bowl championship. They will compete in the National Science Bowl in April.

$750 check won at science bowl

Science Bowl Award

Debate Team Enjoys Success at Last WACFL of Season

[February 11, 2007] On the LD side — In JV, Nate Coddington placed 6th and Kate Ferraren was an additional qualifier (for Metrofinals). In Varsity, Francis Deng was an additional qualifier and Teddy McNeill placed 5th. Teddy also got 3rd best speaker.

On the Policy side — JVers Hannah Clark and Franklin Zheng were additional qualifiers.

Congratulations to all the Metrofinalists!

Chess Team Mentors Youngsters

[February 7, 2007] TJ's chess team shares their chess knowledge with elementary school students. Read all about it in these local news stories:

The TJ volunteers: Brian Hu, Blair Hu, Andrew Rodriguez, Eli Chen, Nick Loffredo, Jean He, Ester Li, Jacob Steinhardt, Emma Pierson, and Atul Kannan.

Board News

[February 7, 2007] Due to personal reason, Mary has resigned from the board, effective immediately. Marie Romais, co-secretary, will take over all secretary duties.

The February meeting is moved from from the 15th to the 22nd, which will give us more time to work on our assigned tasks before getting together to discuss issues.

Model UN Team Strong at Penn Conference

[February 3, 2007] The Thomas Jefferson Model United Nations club had a very strong showing at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania's Ivy League Model United Nations Conference on January 25-28. Competing against some of the top schools in the United States, many individuals performed very well. The top individual performers, who won Best Delegate awards, were Sumit Malik, Vinitra Rangan, Byron Smith, Dan Metzel, Aras Jizan, and Michael Romais who won the top committee at the conference, the ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General. The club will compete at two more local conferences this year.

Latin Certamen Teams Undefeated!

[January 21, 2007] The Latin Certamen program continues to win competitions throughout the state. The Latin 3 team is currently undefeated, having won their fifth 1st victory on January 20th at the Classical Cottage tournament. Core members: Chris Kilgore, Amith Ananthram, and Keith Horita fought a difficult battle in the final round against the St. Stephens & St. Agnes School. The accomplished Latin 2 team of Soonwook Hong, Maya Wei, Anne Marie Creighton, and Vivaek Shivakuma also won 1st place in a very close final round against the Flint Hill School and Courtland HS. Congratulations to our Latin academic teams. TJHSST will hold our own Certamen on February 24th.

It's Academic wins District and Region Championships

[January 21, 2007] On Saturday January 20, the Thomas Jefferson It's Academic Team won the VHSL Liberty District and Northern Region championships in convincing fashion. They went undefeated throughout the tournament. Led by Captains Michael Romais and Evan Silberman, the team also consisted of Phil Graves, Abhi Kapuria, and Jacob Kohn. They will travel to Williamsburg in February along with fellow team members Allan Fan, Bo Fan, and Keshav Pillai to compete in the state tournament.

TJ It's Academic winning team

It's Academic Champions

Model UN Wins Big at Chantilly

[January 15, 2007] The TJ Model UN club had yet another very successful conference at Chantilly High School on January 5-6. It was again the recipient of the Secretary-General's Award for Large School as the top school at the conference. The club's members won more than two-thirds of the Best Delegate awards. Winners of those awards were: Aditya Palepu and Sumit Malik; Marina Arnold and Arjun Khanna; Naren Tallapragada; Aras Jizan; Blake Reed; Will Clark; and Michael Romais. The club will attend the University of Pennsylvania's ILMUNC conference later this month.

It's Academic Team Wins!

[January 1, 2007] On January 6th, The It's Academic Quizbowl team won their 1st round in the NBC4 It's Academic TV show, defeating Wooton and Sherwood High Schools. The TJ team consisted of Evan Silberman, Allan Fan, and Keshav Pillai. The show will be aired 10:00 am on February 10th. Thanks to team sponsor Mrs. Donohue and the TJ cheerleaders for their generous support.

Evan Silberman, Allan Fan, and Keshav Pillai

TJ It's Academic Team on TV

2007 It's Academic Show includes TJ students

It's Academic

Chess Team wins Pan-Am Scholarship Championship

[December 30, 2006] The TJHSST Chess Team won the Pan-American Scholarship Chess Championship on December 30, 2006. The team members were Atul Kannan, Emma Pierson, Eddie Lu, Jacob Steinhardt, and Bharat Ponnaluri. Emma Pierson won 4th place individual, Eddie Lu won 3rd place individual, and Jacob Steinhardt won top under 1600! Congratulations TJ Chess Team!

Debate Team Excels at Princeton

[December 21, 2006] In addition to its conscious winning streak at local tournaments, the debate team has been successful at national tournaments as well. At the Princeton Classic Invitational, Varun Bansal broke to double octafinals at the JV level. At the Varsity level, Lulu Wang broke to double octafinals and Teddy McNeill broke to quarterfinals and won best speaker award.

Math Team Racks Up Awards

[December 20, 2006] In November, two TJ teams (10 students for each team) participated in the Duke Competition and Team A garnered 5th place overall. Haitao Mao, a junior and Team A member, won the overall individual award by dispatching his opposition with little effort during the tie breaker round.

In December, two teams competed in the first annual Princeton competition. Team A won 1st place in the proof round and scored 2nd overall. Freshman Daniel Li won 4th in the Algebra test; Junior Haitao Mao and freshman Jimmy Clark won 3rd and 4th respectively on the Geometry test; freshman Brian Hamrick won 4th in the Number Theory exam; senior Frederick Mako won 3rd on the Calculus test; and junior Jacob Steinhardt won 5th in advanced topics.

Model UN top team at Prince William Conference

[December 11, 2006] TJ Model UN attended the Prince William Model United Nations Conference at C.D. Hylton High School on December 8-9. TJ won the Secretary-General's award for Large School as the top school at the conference. Individual winners of gavels for first place on their committees were: Marina Arnold and Arjun Khanna; Yang He and John Goodwin; Kendrick Castro and Shayan Moosa; Karl Leswing; Jason Garrett-Glaser; Naren Tallapragada; Byron Smith; Emily Hillenbrand; and Michael Romais. TJMUN will attend the Chantilly High School conference on January 5-6 and the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference hosted by the University of Pennsylvania from January 28-28.

It's Academic wins 1st place at Maggie Walker

[December 9, 2006] It's Academic A team, consisting of Evan Silberman, Allan Fan, Keshav Pillai, and Phil Grave, won 1st place at the Maggie Walker Governor School 14th annual tournament and in doing so qualified again for the PACE national scholastic tournament!

Booster Meeting on Monday

[November 27, 2006] The Academic Boosters have a scheduled meeting with Dr. Glazer at 4:00 pm on Monday, November 27, 2006. After this meeting, we will convene in the Career Center for our November make-up meeting.

Model UN Brings Home Awards

[November 22, 2006] The TJ Model UN club had a very successful trip to the University of Virginia's VAMUN conference November 9-11. The club won the conference with the Secretary-General's award for large school. Individual winners of their committees, who won gavels, were Aaron Koenig, Arjang Navab, Marina Arnold, Arjun Khanna, Corrina Pan, Dan Metzel, Byron Smith, George Krivorotov, and Michael Romais.

It's Academic Qualifies for PACE National Tourney

[November 16, 2006] On Saturday, November 11, It's Academic participated in the 11th UVA classics Quizbowl tournament. The teams were very successful.

A team, which won second place, consisted of Evan Silberman (12th grade), Bo Fan (11th grade), Phil Graves (11th grade), and Keshav Pillai (11th grade). As a result, A team qualified for the PACE national tournament.

B team, which won seventh place, consisted of Abhi Kapuria (11th grade), Jacob Kohn (11th grade), Mohit Iyer (11th grade), and Evan McDonald (11th grade).

Booster Meeting canceled!

[November 16, 2006] The building is closing at 4:00 pm. No events in the building tonight.

Booster Meeting on Thursday

[November 15, 2006] The Academic Boosters will meet on Thursday, November 16, 2006, at 7:00 p.m. in the Career Center. Please note the time change for this meeting only. Please review the documents Qi circulated via email the last two weeks. We will be discussing and voting on many issues.

Second VP Position Added

[November 2, 2006] The motion to add another VP position to the leadership and to reinstate Amy Lu as Vice President of Academic Boosters was approved via an electronic vote.

Debate Team Continues its Winning Momentum

[October 29, 2006] At the Washington-Arlington Catholic Forensics League I (October 21), Alex Kim (4-0 record) and Sumit Malik (3-1 record) placed first and second respectively, at the Junior Varsity division of Lincoln-Douglas (LD) Debate. Sumit won third-best speaker. In the Varsity division, Teddy McNeill placed first (4-0 record) and won second-best speaker. Steven Chen won Best Speaker. In Junior Policy Debate, Curtis Mill and Arvind Rachamadugu placed fourth (2-2 record). Curtis and Arvind won sixth and fourth best speaker, respectively. Alex, Sumit, Teddy, Curtis, and Arvind have all qualified for the March 2007 Metrofinals.

At the Broad Run Invitational (October 28), Viola Li won first speaker and qualified for the semifinal rounds in Junior Varsity LD Debate. In the Varsity LD division, Alex Kim and Francis Deng won second and third speakers, respectively. Both qualified for the semifinals where Francis won first place overall. All five varsity LD debaters had 3 wins/1 loss records as the Team took home the LD Sweepstakes Award.

Pictured below are Alex Kim and Francis Deng with their speaker medals and the team LD Sweepstakes Award trophy.

Alex Kim and Francis Deng with medals and trophies

Alex Kim and Francis Deng

Model United Nations Wins 1st Place Twice

[October 24, 2006] Model United Nations has started another winning year by taking first place wins at two conferences. On September 29-30, TJMUN won the first place Secretary-General's Award at the George Mason High School Model United Nations Conference. Two weeks later, the club won again at the Robinson Model United Nations Conference.

It's Academic takes 2nd Place at Maryland

[October 12, 2006] The 25th of September saw 3 TJ It's Academic teams compete at the University of Maryland It's Academic Tournament. A team, consisting of Allan Fan, Keshav Pillai, and Captains Michael Romais and Evan Silberman came in 2nd place after losing a well-fought match to Maggie Walker Governor school. B team, consisting of Bo Fan, Phil Graves, Tom Smilack, and Brian Terrill vied for 3rd place. C team, consisting of Mattie Whittle, Raza Mir, Mohit Iyyer, and Corinna Pan, although not able to make the quarterfinal playoffs, were nonetheless very successful as well, winning half their games.

Application for Funding due Friday, October 13

[October 12, 2006] Academic Boosters provides funds to support TJ's outstanding academic teams. We help pay for team conference registration fees, judging fees, and coach travel costs, among other things. At our next board meeting, we will start the process of deciding which team activities we can fund during this school year.

All teams were emailed funding request forms on October 2nd and reminders this week that forms are due no later than Friday, October 13. In addition to completing the form, we suggest you consider doing the following:

October 19 Academic Booster Meeting

[October 2, 2006] The next meeting of the Academic Boosters will be on Thursday, October 19, 2006, at 7:30 p.m. in the in the Elizabeth Lodal College Career Center. Academic teams should plan to attend this meeting to present their funding requests. We urge team students and their families to become members and to get actively involved.

New Academic Boosters Officers

[October 2, 2006] Amy Lu is resigning her position effective immediately for personal reasons. Frances Shi has agreed to step in to serve as Vice President. Our previous year's president, Andrea Field, is coming back to serve as our Alumni Chair.

Debate Team Competes at Wake Forest Tournament

[September 2006] Our Debate Team, sponsored by Mr. Sherwood Williams, started the new school year with a BANG! During the 3rd weekend of September, one Junior Varsity Policy debate team, three Junior Varsity Lincoln-Douglas (LD) debaters, and two Varsity LD debaters competed at the Wake Forest National Earlybird Tournament. Alex Kim, a sophomore competing in the Junior Varsity LD division, and Teddy McNeill, a senior competing in the Varsity LD division, succeeded to the Double Octofinals. Congratulations!

TJ Open House Volunteers needed

[September 2006] The annual TJHSST Open House for prospective students will be held on Saturday, September 30, 2006. Families may visit at any time between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon. Academic Boosters will be selling coffee, donuts, juice, etc. Contact Qi Wang if you can help out.

Gold Medal at International Physics Olympiad

[September 2006] Congratulations to senior Menyoung Lee who was awarded a gold medal for the second year in a row, representing the United States at the 2006 International Physics Olympiad, held in Singapore this July. Menyoung was part of a five-member team of students from other US schools, who brought home four gold medals and one silver.

Academic Boosters Donors, 2006–2007

The Academic Boosters appreciates all our members and volunteers. We would like to especially recognize those donors who were able to give more than the basic membership. Thank you very much for your generous financial support. TJ academic teams' continued success depends upon you. Please join us!

Platinum ($500 & above)

Families of:

Gold ($250 & above)

Families of:

Silver ($100 & above)

Families of:

Bronze ($60 & above)

Families of:

Matching Funds Donors

These organizations supported Academic Boosters by matching funds donated by boosters.

* Amount donated includes matching funds