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Stories from 2008-2009 include the following...

Academic Boosters Awards Banquet
June 2nd from 6 P.M. to 8:40 P.M. in TJ Cafeteria

Members of TJ Academic Boosters, student members of TJ academic teams, and members of TJ ‘13 and their parents are invited to our Annual Banquet on Tuesday, June 2nd, from 6 PM to 8:40 PM. There will be a light complimentary meal from 6 PM to 7 PM, with an opportunity to speak to teacher sponsors and students from TJ’s academic teams. We’ll have booklets summarizing the accomplishments of all the teams and recognizing our donors. And, students will thank their teacher sponsors and summarize their teams’ accomplishments. For pictures of this event, click here.

Science Bowl Team at the Nationals

In May, TJ's 5-person Science Bowl team competed against 66 other regional champions from around the country.  The TJ team won 5 games but was eliminated before the finals.  However, they placed first in their Division Team Challenge, a hands-on optics/physics problem, and won $500 for TJ.

Computer Team Update

Congratulations to Brian Hamrick, Andre Kessler, and Jack Chen, for being selected to participate in the USAICO.  TJ had three of the fifteen students in the United States this year.  And Congratulations especially to Brian Hamrick, who was selected to represent the United State in the international competition based on his performance at the USAICO.

Math Team Update

Congratulations to the Varsity Math Team on their accomplishments at the ARML Competition on May 30. The TJ-B team placed 1st in the nation in their division, and the TJ-A and TJ-C teams placed 10th in the nation in their respective divisions.

Congratulations to Mitchell Lee and Brian Hamrick, who were invited to attend the Math Olympiad Summer Program this year!

Odyssey of Mind Teams at the World Finals

Two TJ teams competed at world finals for Odyssey of the mind and won first and second place respectively for the first time in TJ’s history.   
One TJ team took 1st place overall and became World Champions 2009 in Teach Yer Creature problem, for Division III.  Team members are Matt Green, James Heard, Ryan Kim, Josh Lee, Sue Liu, Jeanette Miranda and So-Jung Youn, all seniors. This is the first time a TJ team has taken 1st place at an Odyssey of the Mind world finals since the TJ OM team began keeping records in 2000.
The other TJ team took 2nd place overall in the balsa wood problem, Shock Waves, Division III.  Team members are Sunaina Kapoor, Christianna Hay, Rashmi Reddy, Molly Patterson, Nicole Yu, Kushal Seetharam, and Ankit Kapoor. This team also won the coveted Ranatra Fusca award for outstanding creativity at the State competition for their innovative transforming scenery design.
Congratulations to both TJ OM teams!

Future Problem Solvers at the International Competition

Ashneil Jain, Kunyao Yu, Ellen Huang, Janiel Li, Max Wang, Steve Qian, Jason Miller, and Daniel Sun made up the two teams who competed in the International Problem Solvers Competition in Michigan.  They all earned "Finalist" in the competition and represented TJ very well.  The competition included teams from all over the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singpore, Hong Kong, UK, and South Dakota.

TJ Botball Teams at the DC Regional Botball Tournament

Congratulations to three TJ Botball Teams who competed with 39 other teams in the DC Regional Botball Tournament on Saturday, April 18.  The TJ "Senior" Team (Mac Stevens, Eric Kolker, David
Ensey, David Mazzocco,  Kelsey Dressing, Jake Hermle, Patrick Stalcup, Joel Heck, and Jeremy Vercillo)won 1st place in the Double Elimination Round, 1st place in Documentation, and 3rd place overall.  The TJ "Sophomore" team (Quantum Wei, Jimmy Clark, Megan Clark, Caelan Garrett, Ben Chao, Jacob Baldwin, Victer Youk, Jonathan Corzo, and Sam Prestwood) won 4th place in the Double Elimination Round and 5th place overall. The TJ "Freshman" team (Minh Nguyen, Albert Gural, Paul Wolfteich, James Graham, Kyle Withers, Anish Tondwalkar, and Helen Lai) lost twice in the Double Elimination Round.

Biology Olympiad News

At the Clemson University annual Biology Merit Exam and Biology Bowl, TJ placed first in both high school divisions.  In Division II of the Biology Merit Exam(students in their first year of biology), John Chae placed first, Tushar Kamath, Aakansha Nangarlia, Eric Jiam and Sonica Saraf received 1st Honorable Mention, and Daniel Sun received a second honorable mention.  In Division III (students taking or who have completed a second year of biology), Dennis Wang placed first, Hanwen Xu, Jessica Liu, Jerry Liu, and Hojae Lee received 1st Honorable Mention, and Christine Shen, Kevin Zhou, Christine Lee, Janet Shin, Judy Zeng, Rachel Marzen and Andy Mai received 2nd Honorable Mention.  In the Biology Bowl, Tushar Kamath placed second in Division II, and Hanwen Xu and Christine Lee placed first and second, respectively, in Division III.  Congratulations to all!

USA Mathematics Olympiad Qualifiers

Congratulations to the 18 TJ students who qualified to take the USA Mathematical Olympiad exam.  Chris Au, Luke Cheng, Jimmy Clark, Dan Emmons, Brian Hamrick, Adam Hood, Sin Kim, Allison Koenecke,
Kee Young Lee, Mitchell Lee, Daniel Li, Casey Mihaloew, Sam Rush,
SeungIn Sohn, Arvind Thiagarajan, Akshar Wunnava, Hanwen Xu,
and Yangbo Xu.This is the highest number ever for TJ, and more USAMO qualifiers than any other high school in the United States.

Chemistry Olympiad News

Congratulations to Christopher Au and Stephen Eltinge, who placed #1 and #2 in the Regional Chemistry Olympiad Exam. Congratulations to Stephen Eltinge, who was selected as one of 20 students nationally, to participate in the 2009 Chemistry Olympiad Training camp this june in Colorado Springs!

TJ Certamen Club at the Broadneck Certamen

On March 7, five teams competed at the Broadneck Certamen in Annapolis, MD.  The Level I team, composed of Elizabeth Steele, Jared Golant, Sam Sohn, John Chae, Weina Bao, and Quentin Moore, received fifth.  Austin Dunn, Sidhanth Rajesh, and Connor Hann received fourth place on Level II.  The other team Level II team, comprised of Zachary Seid, Ricky Short, Daniel Kim, Brian Shin, and Akhila Ananthram, scored second place.  In Level III, Catherine Zucker, Ashwin Raja, Christopher Reffett, and Connor Cheong received second place.  On Upper Level, Amith Ananthram, Anne Marie Creighton, Vivaek Shivakumar, and Alexander Spalding were awarded first.  On March 21, TJ sent three certamen teams to a competition at UVA.  Akhila Ananthram, Daniel Kim, Austin Dunn, and Connor Hann received first place in Level II.  On Level III, Ashwin Raja and Connor Cheong received third place.  In Upper Level, Amith Ananthram, Chris Kilgore, Vivaek Shivakumar, Lara Howerton, Christina Wallin, and William Czaplyski were awarded first.  Congratulations to everyone who participated! 

Odyssey of Mind Competition Awards

On March 14th, ten teams from TJ competed in Odyssey of the Mind competition held at Hayfield High School in Alexandria. The following teams placed first in the competition in their respective problems and are advancing to Virginia State level competition to held at Newport News, VA. In Earth Trek Vehicle Problem - Ritvik Prasannappa, Saketh Are, Samuel Nicoll, Krishna Pai, Everett Hu, Dasith Gunawardhana; For Teach Yer Creature Technical problem - James Heard, Ryan Kim, Josh Lee, Jeanette Miranda, So-Jung Youn, Sue Liu, and Matt Green; For Superstition performance problem- Erica Bond, Kovela Shravya, Ahmadi Arvin, Ben Swanson, Anisha Apte, Andrea Jackson and Matt Palko and lastly, for Shock Waves Structure problem, the team that did two problems- Sunaina Kapoor, Christianna Hay, Molly Patterson, Rashmi Reddy, Kushal Seetharam, Nicole Yu and Ankit Kapoor. Congratulations to all TJ teams for participating and doing a splendid job.

Physics Olympiad Update

Congratulations to the eight TJ students who were among the 150 students in the United States who qualified as semifinalists in the Physics Olympiad: Jared Hallet, Brian Hamrick, Daniel Li, William Minshew, Chris Olund, Yangbo Xu, Arvind Thiagarajan, and Ming-yee Tsang.

Frosh 'Puter Team News

On March 6 the team of Alex Chen, Dasith Gunawardhana, William Qian, and Miraziz Yusupov won fifth place at the VCU High School Programming Contest. TJ continues to be the only Frosh team in the competition. The team of Alex Chen, William Qian, and Glenna Yu earned perfect 10s on the American Computer Science League (ACSL) Contest #3, for a cumulative team total of 146 out of a possible 150.  

Computer Team News

In the February USACO contest, in the Gold Division Brian Hamrick was fourth in the country and Jack Chen was tied for fifth, and in the Silver Division Casey Mihaloew was second in the country, Daniel Kang was sixth, Sin Kim ninth, and Dylan Ladwig thirteenth.
In the March USACO contest, in the Gold Division Brian Hamrick was third in the country, Thomas Georgio was sixth, and Jack Chen was tenth, and in the Silver Division Sin Kim was fifth in the country, Mitchell Stern eighth, Daniel Ranard fourteenth, Dylan Ladwig sixteenth, and Daniel Kang nineteenth.
On March 6 the team of Thomas Georgiou, Daniel Li, Daniel Ranard, and Sin Kim won first place at the VCU Programming Contest. On March 11 eight students competed in the second round of the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, having finished in roughly the top ten percent on round one: Aviv Cukierman, Jared Hallett, Brian Hamrick, Sin Kim, Daniel Li, Casey Mihaloew, Vivaek Shivakumar, and Christina Wallin.

TJ Chess Team's dominating performance at the Virginia Scholastic Championships

For the eleventh straight year, the team took home the team title with seven players individually placing in the top ten: Edward J  Lu(2nd), Craig M  Saperstein(3rd), Yang  Dai(4th), Quentin R  Moore(5th), Aryan  Khojandi(6th), Darwin  Li(8th),and Madhu S  Karamsetty(10th).
Additionally, the team took home their first ever High School Blitz Championship, with freshmen Darwin Li leading the way as the individual Blitz Champion.
The team is now setting their sights on their first-ever National Blitz and Team Championships when they travel to Supernationals in Nashville April 2nd.

Biology Olympiad Semi-Finalists!

Congratulations to the TJ students who made the Biology Olympiad semifinals this year: Luke Cheng, Elliott Eggan, Jonathan Hsu, Victor Hsu, Alvina Jiao, Alex Kim, Aaron Koenig, Ho Jae Lee, George Liang, Jerry Liu, Jessica Liu, Rachel Marzen, Anirudh Mohan, Aakansha Nangarlia, Anirudh Saraswathula, Christine Shen, Ayaka Sugiura, Arvind Thiagarajan, Dennis Wang, Max Wang, Jillian Wen, Hanwen Xu, Linda Zhang, and YuQing Zhang.

Public Forum Team ties for First Place in Overall Team Sweepstakes

At the metrofinals on March 13th - 14th, in the Varsity Division, Emily Yu and Rebecca Friedman, Sumit Malik and Maya Chaudhuri, and Kittie Helmick and Kevin Sun all qualified to nationals placing 1st, 2nd, and 4th respectively with 8-4 records.

TJ tied for 1st place with Whitman in overall team sweepstakes with a PERFECT score of 192/192. TJ Debate also got 2nd in overall sweepstakes performance in all events. 

Future Problem Solvers Qualifers for the State Bowl

This year's qualifiers for the State Bowl on April 3-4 are: Ricky Prasannappa, Daniel Jang, Daniel Kang, & Vansh Kumar in the Middle Division, and Vangie Shue, Natalie Medvedeva, Tim Hu, Yasmin Kamal,Kevin Casto, Logan Gates, Alexis Barrett, Clarice Lee Daniel Sun, Janiel Li, Max Wang, Ashneil Jain, Arianna Geneson, Maneeshika Madduri, Pooja Vinayak, & So-Jung Youn in the Senior Division.

Lincoln Douglas Team at VHSL Districts

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate team did extremely well at several important tournaments these past few weeks. At VHSL Districts, held on February 28, Akaash Gupta won first place in the region, Kushal Seetharam won third, and Daniel Sun won fourth. The WACFL Metro Finals tournament, the regional tournament that qualifies debaters for the national debate tournament in May, was held on March 6-7. Emma Pierson was the top varsity competitor in the region, and Ani Mohan placed fourth in the region; both will be competing at Grand Nationals. Congratulations to the LD team, and good luck to all TJ debaters moving to the next level!

Policy Debate Team at MetroFinals!

Congratulations to TJ’s Policy Debate team on its performance at Metrofinals! In the varsity division, two teams (Kathy Hutchinson/Lisa Pang, and Hannah Clark/Andre Kessler) qualified for the NCFL Grand National Tournament, in Albany, New York, and TJ won the third place sweepstakes award. The team of Hutchinson/Pang won the tournament, Hannah Clark won first speaker, Kathy Hutchinson won second speaker, and Lisa Pang won third speaker. In the JV Division, Mary Sun and Daniel Jang made it to semifinals, and Mary Sun received the third speaker award.

It's Academic News

It's Academic Appears on TV Competition! On February 21, TJ's A team competed on NBC's It's Academic on TV. The team, consisting of Joshua Hahm, Kevin Casto, and Harry White, competed well, coming in second to Maryland's Blake High School. Dr. Glazer appeared with the team on the show. Tune into Channel 4 on April 11 at 10:00 a.m. to watch it air!

TJ's It's Academic Team Wins State Championship! On Feb. 28, the 12th Annual VHSL Scholastic Bowl Championship was held at the College of William and Mary. Twenty-four teams vied for the top three positions in their respective classifications in this double elimination tournament. TJ's It's Academic Team A won the Group AAA Title! The team, consisting of Naren Tallepragada, Joshua Hahm, Kevin Casto, and Greyson Lewis, had to qualify earlier this year in order to be eligible to participate in this competition. TJ beat its regional nemesis, Maggie Walker's Governors School, twice in the tournament to clinch the win. This is the 9th VHSL title for TJ! After a few upcoming local competitions, Team A and and possibly Team B will compete in two National Quizbowl Tournaments at the end of May.

TJ Model UN claims the Secretary General's Award for Best Large School Delegation at George Mason University (MASUN'2009) Conference

TJHSST Model UN Delegation claimed the Secretary General's Award for Best Large School Delegation at George Mason University (MASUN'2009) Conference on February 20th and 21st. TJ Delegates won Best Delegate Awards in 9 out of the 12 committees they participated in! Congratulations to all the Delegates!

Best Delegate Awards presented to Sid Bhatia, April Hu, Ashneil Jain, David Kim, Aaron Koenig, Shreyas Mahapatra, Curtis Mills, Neal Milstein, Mica Moore, Arjang Navab, Naren Tallapragada, Dan Wang, Dennis Wang, and Shiying Yang. Outstanding Delegates were Bryan Cheong, Mike Crumplar, Brendan Greenley, John Han, Haresh Nagaraj, Richard Nguyen, Michael Nguyen, Steve Qian, Kishore Rao, Colvin Wang, Andy Yang, Deanna Zhu, and Nelson Zhu. Honorable Delegates were Ankit Kapoor, Mohima Sanyal, Siddhant Sethi, and Cheng Xu.

Good luck to the Club as they prepare to host TECHMUN on March 6-7 for local High school and Middle School Delegates.

Model UN Delegation wins awards at University of Pennsylvania Conference(ILMUNC)

The TJ Model UN team had attended the UPENN Model UN Conference (ILMUNC) end of January. The TJ Delegates performed really well and claimed many individual awards! Gavels (Best Delegations) were awarded to Nate Coddington, Kate Kingsbury, Serena Saffarini , Anirudh Saraswathula, Carolyn Scoggins, Kylene Smart, and Naren Tallapragada. Outstanding Delegations were awarded to Sid Bhatia, April Hu, Aman Kansal, Christine Lee, Hirsh Sharma, Swati Teerdhala, Mohima Sanyal, and Lyndsey Wheeler. Honorable Delegates were Max Kieff , Curtis Mills, Aditya Palepu, Jeff Pontell, and John Pulice. Verbals Commendations were awarded to Mike Crumplar, Amar Desai, Brendan Greenley, Collin Jones, Ankit Kapoor, Kamna Kathuria, Neal Milstein, Zach Perconti, Pranava Raparla , Avi Sachs, Dan Wang, Dennis Wang, and Shiying Yang. Congratulations to all the Delegates.

Chemistry Olympiad News

Congratulations to Stephen Eltinge, Victor Hsu, Patrick Gould, Chris Au, Krishnan Chander, Rhitwika Sensharma, Dahan Choi, Vish Sridharan, Ritchie Yein, Andy Mai, Dan Sun, Minsik Jun, Udaysankar Chockonathan, Ashu Goel, Sherie Zhou, Steve Qian, Alicia Goertel, Rebecca Zhang, Jeremy Ho, Ashwin Raja, Sabrina Mohamed, Nader Al-Naji—our semi-finalists for the Chemistry Olympiad. These 22 students will compete on February 27th in the lab competition to determine the 12 local finalists to appear for the National Chemistry Olympiad Exam.

Speech Team wins awards at VHSL Liberty District Forensics Competition

On February 4, the Speech team competed at the VHSL Liberty District Forensics Competition. Rebecca Friedman placed first in Domestic Extemporaneous. Maya Chaudhuri placed first and Josh Hall placed second in Foreign Extemporaneous. Arvin Ahmadi placed first in Original Oratory. Abigail Xu placed fourth in Storytelling.

Science Bowl Team "wows" the audience at Virginia Regional High School Science Bowl

Team members Aaron Koenig, Hanwen Xu, Dan Li, Kee Young Lee and Greyson Lewis answered questions about Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth science, Mathematics and Physics at the Regional Science Bowl Competition. The team won first place at the competition and reclaimed the title for TJ. Congratulations and Good Luck to the team as they move on to the National Competition.

Impressive performance by Lincoln Douglas Debate Team at WACFL 5

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate team had one of the best showings of the year at WACFL 5, the final regional debate tournament of the 2008-09 debate season, and yielded many top debaters. At the Varsity level, Akaash Gupta ranked sixth place. Lily Hsaing also qualified for Metro Finals. In Junior Varsity, Kainan Wang was undefeated and placed third, and Janiel Li placed sixth. In addition, Chris Seok and Rebecca Zhang both qualified for Metros. Congratulations to the LD team, and good luck to all fifteen Metros qualifiers!

Math Team at the Princeton Annual Math Competition

The Varsity Math Team traveled to Princeton for their 3rd Annual Math Competition on January 31. They competed against over 50 other teams from the east coast. The TJ A team (Brian Hamrick, Jimmy Clark, Kee Young Lee, Dan Li, Casey Mihaloew, Chris Olund, Sam Rush, Arvind Thiagarajan) came in second overall and third in the Power contest. Several students also won individual awards: Brian Hamrick placed 5th in Algebra and 3rd in Individiual Finals, Casey Mihaloew placed 4th in Geometry and 7th in Combinatorics, and Dan Li placed 5th in Algebra. And in his TJ Competition debut, freshman Mitchell Lee placed 8th in Combinatorics and 10th in Individual finals!

It's Academic Team Wins VHSL Regional Tournament

On January 31st, the TJ It's Academic Team competed in the Virginia High School League (VHSL) Scholastic Bowl Regional Tournament, finishing first in the Liberty District and the Virginia Northern Region, thus winning a spot in the VHSL State Tournament, on February 28th. The team members were Joshua Hahm, Greyson Lewis, Michael Eng, Nishanth Parameswaran, and Jacob Kannarkat, and went undefeated throughout the entire tournament.

Japan Bowl Club Update

TJ has been participating in the Japan Bowl competition since it was started at George Mason University campus in 1993.  This year, TJ sent three teams (three students for each level) to the Japan Bowl, and all did exceptionally well. TJ’s Level 2 Team (Jason Ya, Daniel Kang and Annie Lin) placed fourth.  Our Level 3 Team (Connie Xie, Jungeun Choi and Brian Yu) placed fifth.  And, our Level 4 Team (Steven Kim, Han Kim and Andrew Lam) placed fourth. 

Speech and Lincoln Douglas Teams at Columbia University Invitational

Members of TJ's Speech and Lincoln-Douglas debate teams participated in the January 24th Columbia University Invitational. TJ's speech team sent Captain Maya Chaudhuri (extemporaneous speaking), Arvin Ahmadi (original oratory), Matt Palko (oral interpretation), and Abigail Xu (declamation). The Lincoln Douglas team sent Jared Hallet, Christine O'Donnell, Linda Chiang, Akaash Gupta, and Chris Seok. Sophomore Akaash Gupta won during doubl-octas and octas, but was eliminated during quarterfinals, placing him among the top 8 Lincoln Douglas debaters at this national tournament.

Certamen News

Members of TJ Certamen attended a competition held at the Flint Hill School in Oakton, VA.  Amidst fierce competition, TJ students across all levels qualified to play in the Finals.  Latin I team, consisting of Rachel Goldstein, Billy Nguyen, Sam Sohn, and Jared Golant received first place. Latin I team, consisting of Zikuan Li, Quentin Moore, Jeremy Loffredo and John Chae received third place.  Latin II team consisting of  Zachary Seid, Akhila Ananthram, Daniel Kim, Frederick Short, and Brian Shin fought fiercely to win third place, only losing by ten points! Latin III team, consisting of Catharine Zucker, Ashwin Raja, Nate Skolnik, and Nayan Lamba received second place.  The mighty TJ Upper Level team, consisting of Amith Ananthram, Christopher Kilgore, Maya Wei, Anne Marie Creighton and Vivaek Shivakumar, also received second place.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!  On January 31, TJ Certamen teams will be competing at the Riverbend Certamen in Spotsylvania County. 

Public Forum Debate News from WACFL 4

At WACFL 4, in Varsity, Sumit Malik and Maya Chaudhuri (placed 5th) & Rebecca Friedman and Emily Yu (placed 6th) and qualified for Metrofinals! In Junior Varsity, Molly Shannon and Priyanka Dochibhotia (placed 6th) and qualified for Metrofinals.

Senior Computer Team News

For the January USACO contest, in the Gold Division Brian Hamrick was second in the country (tied for fifth in the world), Jack Chen was eighth, and Andre Kessler was eighteenth. In the Silver Division, Casey Mihaloew was twenty-first in the country. In the Bronze Division, Jason Israel was twenty-third in the country and Divya Garg was tied for twenty-seventh. Complete results are at http://ace.delos.com/JAN09results.

Important News regarding Biology Olympiad

The USA Biology Olympiad Open Exam will be administered during 8th period on Wednesday, February 4th. Students can sign up by contacting Dr. Uston between now and a week before the exam.

The Biology Olympiad Club is planning to send about 30 student to Clemson University in South Carolina to partake in their Biology Merit Exam on April 24th. All TJ students are welcome to sign up, starting February 5th; however, preference will be given to those who have not yet taken AP Biology. Students who are interested should talk to Dr. Uston or attend a Biology Olympiad 8th period block.

It's Academic Team hosts Regional Quizbowl Tournament

On January 10, the It's Academic team hosted a Regional Quizbowl Tournament, the M.O.H.I.T. (affectionately named after a former TJ It's Academic member).  The tournament involved many hours of preparation, as team members wrote the questions that were used. The team and officers in charge earned very high praise from 8th period coordinator, Mrs. Stevens, who said that this was the most smoothly run It's Ac Tournament she's seen at TJ. The tournament drew 30 teams from high schools in the region, and for the first time, Longfellow Middle School also sent a team.  

Chess Team News

The chess team has won its first four matches in the Metro Area Chess League, a team event where schools from Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia, and D.C. participate. It faces its strongest opposition in the round five match, against Winston Churchill High School from Potomac, Maryland. TJ is currently in first place and is looking to repeat its success from last year.
TJ is sending two teams to the U.S. Amateur Team East tournament in Parsippany, New Jersey to defend the top high school team title.

The Virginia State Scholastic Championships is going to be held on the weekend of March 14 and 15 at Monticello High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. Having won this event for the past ten years, the TJ chess team dynasty seeks to continue the streak. Contact captains Eddie Lu and Aryan Khojandi to sign up.

Lincoln Douglas Debate Team wins awards at WACFL4

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate team continued its string of successes at WACFL 4, the fourth regional debate tournament of the season. At the varsity level, Emma Pierson was undefeated and came second. Also in varsity, Akaash Gupta qualified to Metro Finals.  In Junior Varsity, Janiel Li was undefeated and placed second. In the novice category, Alice Lee was undefeated and placed second. Congratulations to the entire LD team!

Policy Debate Team wins awards at WACFL4

TJ’s policy debate team did well at the fourth local WACFL tournament. In the varsity division, Hannah Clark and Andre Kessler placed third, Chris Lee and Katie Lin placed fourth, and Graham Lobel & Akshay Deverakonda placed fifth. All qualified for metrofinals, as did Max Wang and Johnny Kim. In addition, Hannah Clark won the third speaker award. In the JV division, Mary Sun and Daniel Kim placed third, Sungmin Sohn and George Liang placed sixth, and Mary Sun won the third speaker award. Congratulations to all!

Model UN Club wins the Secretary General's Award & many Individual Awards at Chantilly High School MUN Conference

The Best Delegate Awards were for delegates, Andrew Barlow, Sid Bhatia, John Hahn, Aman Kansal, Max Kieff, Kate Kingsbury, Curtis Mills, Serena, Saffarini, and Colvin Wang. Outstanding Delegate Awards went to Varun Bansal, Brendan Greenley, Aaron Koenig, Jonathan Kuo, Neal Milstein, Mohima Sanyal, Swati Teerdhala, and Dennis Wang. Honorable Delegate Awards were for Arvin Ahmadi, Ashu Goel, Chris Groskaufmanis, Lauren Groskaufmanis, Salini Hota, Kamna Kathuria, Christine Lee, Alyssa Mendoza, John Pulice, Siddhant Sethi, Hirsh Sharma, and Shiying Yang. Verbal Commendations for Sanjeet Das, Kelsey Henderson, Garret Hoppin, Ashneil Jain, Shreyas Mahapatra, Jen Park, Steve Qian, Kishore Rao, Nate Skolnik, Kylene Smart, Dan Wang, Andy Yang and Deanna Zhu. Congratulations to all the Delegates and Good Luck for the upcoming conference at University of Pennsylvania!

Math Team Update

On December 22nd, former TJ Math Team Captain Jacob Steinhardt (TJ ’08, MIT ’12) lectured after school on Generating Functions and Combinatorial Nullstellensatz.

On January 28th, during 8th period, the Math Team will feature three math professors from George Washington University: John Conway, Michael Moses, and Yongwu Rong. They will discuss trends in mathematics research, and all TJ students are welcome to attend

Its Academic Team places third at GSAC XVI

On December 6th, four TJ It's Academic teams competed at the GSAC XVI at Maggie Walker Governor's School in Richmond. Team A consisting of Joshua Hahm, Naren Tallapragada, Kevin Casto, and Harry White, placed 3rd out of 32 regional teams at the competition.

Public Forum Debate team at GMU Patriot Games Classic and WACFL3

TJ’s Public Forum debate team participated in the national GMU Patriot Games Classic on December 5th-7th. The team of Rebecca Friedman and Emily Yu broke to octofinals, and Noa Ovadia and Sam Surette placed 10th speaker. At WACFL 3, in the Varsity Division the team if Kittie Helmick and Kevin Sun placed fifth, and they plus the team of Cindy Han and Lisa Yang qualified for metrofinals. In the Junior Varsity Division, the team of Sam Surette and Noa Avadio placed first, the team of Anna Hicks and Cindy Zou placed fourth, and all qualified for metrofinals. In addition, the team of Jin Kim and Seoup Youn half qualified for metrofinals.

Policy Debate Team at WACFL3

At WACFL 3, in the Varsity Division, the team of Hannah Clark and Andre Kessler placed third, the team of Chris Lee and Katie Lin placed fourth, the team of Franklin Zhen and Han Kim placed sixth, and Hannah Clark also won the first speaker’s award. In the Junior Varsity Division, the team of Akshay Devakeronda and Steven Eltinge placed second, the team of Daniel Jang and Mary Sun placed third, the team of Max Wang and Johnny Kim placed sixth, and four additional students – Mar Mirrof, Peter Ahn, Sungmin Sohn and George Liang – all qualified for metrofinals. In addition, Max Wang won first, Daniel Jang second, and Mary Sun third place in the speakers awards. In the Novice Division, Lizaveta Miadzedskaya and Jacqueline Speis placed fifth, anad Vansh Kumar and Zhereng Zhang placed sixth. Congratulations to all policy debaters!

Notable Success at WACFL3 for LD Debate Team

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team had some notable successes at WACFL 3, the third local tournament of the debate season. In the novice division, Yunan Nie was undefeated and came in second place. Nayan Lamba came in sixth. Both Yunan and Nayan qualified to compete at Metro Finals, the regional tournament held in March that allows debaters to compete at the national debate tournament. In Junior Varsity, Daniel Sun was undefeated and placed fifth, qualifying him for Metro Finals. Kevin Boehm also qualified for Metro Finals. Congratulations to all who competed at WACFL 3!

Senior Computer Team News

For the November USACO contest, in the Gold Division Brian Hamrick was tied for third in the world (first in the country), Daniel Li was eighth in the country, Jack Chen was twelfth, Tom Georgiou was fifteenth and Andre Kessler was seventeenth. In the Silver Division, Mitchell Stern was eleventh in the country, Casey Mihaloew was twenty-first and Daniel Ranard was twenty-fourth. In the Bronze Division, Daniel Kang and Willis Wendler both had perfect scores, and Sam Rush and Lawrence Diao both scored above 900 out of 1000. Complete results are at http://ace.delos.com/NOV08results. For the December USACO contest, in the Gold Division Brian Hamrick was second in the country, Tom Georgiou was tenth and Jack Chen was twelfth. In the Silver Division, Casey Mihaloew was fourth in the country and Mitchell Stern was eighteenth. In the Bronze Division, Will Dalton was fourteenth in the country, and Daniel Kang and Divya Garg were both in the top thirty. Complete results are at http://ace.delos.com/DEC08results. The North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad is February 4, more information is available online at http://www.naclo.cs.cmu.edu.

Frosh Computer Team at American Computer Science League (ACSL) contest

The frosh computer team just finished the first in a series of four American Computer Science League (ACSL) contests, and four TJ students had perfect scores: Alex Chen, Daniel Jacobson, William Qian, and Elliott Simon. The top ACSL teams, as of the end of the year, will be invited to the ACSL All-Stars and go head to head with the best teams in our division -- Junior Five Person Team -- across the nation plus Canada, Croatia, and Romania.

Model UN Team wins Impressive set of Awards at C.D. Hylton Conference

TJ Model UN won the Best School Award and an impressive set of individual Awards at the C.D. Hylton Conference. Best Delegate awarded to Andrew Barlow, Mike Crumplar, Amar Desai, Kate Kingsbury, Max Kieff, Aaron Koenig, Curtis Mills, Arjang Navab, Serena Saffarini, Anirudh Saraswathula, Carolyn Scoggins, Nihaar Sinha, Kylene Smart, and Naren Tallapragada. Outstanding Delegate Awards went to Sid Bhatia, Aman Kansal, Apoorva Lonka , Divya Madhusudhan , Ani Mohan, Swetha Pasala, John Pulice, Pranava Raparla, Greg Romais, Mohima Sanyal, Siddhant Sethi, Dennis Wang, and Cheng Xu. Honorable Delegates were Arvin Ahmadi , Brendan Greenley , Garret Hoppin, Betty Huang , Collin Jones , Steve Qian , Kishore Rao, Avi Sachs, Nate Skolnik, Aileen Wang, and Andy Yang. Verbal awards for Preetam D'Souza , Apurva Kasanagottu , Matt Lycas , Adam Mounts, Pranita Ramakrishnan , and Nelson Zhu. Congratulations to all the Delegates!

Latin Club Places First at VA Junior Classical League

The TJ Latin Club experienced a great deal of success at the recent Virginia Junior Classical League (VJCL) convention. Over 50 TJ Latin students attended the Convention in Richmond, Virginia on November 23rd and 24th. In addition to winning numerous academic, creative, and graphic contests, the TJ delegation won first place in overall spirit amongst large delegations. Congratulations to Chris Kilgore, who was elected VJCL President for the upcoming year. Also, Congratulations to first place overall sweepstakes winners Rachel Goldstein (2012), Katherine Zucker (2011), and Lara Howerton (2009). Other big winners include Soonwook Hong, who received best in show on the Reading Comprehension Poetry exam, and Christina Wallin, who received best in show on the Vocabulary exam. Congratulations to Everyone!

Model UN Team wins Best School Award at William and Mary Conference

TJHSST was awarded the Secretary General's Award for Best Large School Delegation at WMHSMUN.

Best Delegate Awards went to Aaron Koenig, Aman Kansal, Anirudh Saraswathula, Ashu Goel, Carolyn Scoggins, Christine Lee, Kylene Smart, Salini Hota, & Swetha Pasala. Honorable Mention Awards went to Amar Desai, Brendan Greenley, Brian Yu, Curtis Mills, Greg Romais, Kamna Kathuria, Naren Tallapragada, Neal Milstein, & Shiying Yang. Verbal Commendations went to Adam Mounts, Collin Jones, Matt Lycas, Rishitha Bollam, & Vish Sridharan

It's Academic Teams at UPENN and other Tournaments

TJ’s It's Academic Team sent two teams to the University of Pennsylvania's first Quizbowl competition, the Quaker Academic Competition, on November 22, 2008. Team A, consisting of Naren Tallapragada, Joshua Hahm, Kevin Casto, and Harry White, placed 5th in a field of 48 teams. Team B consisting of Greyson Lewis, Michael Eng, Arjang Navab, and Jacob Kannarkat placed 5th in the consolation bracket. Within the past month, the team has also competed in Quizbowl tournaments at the Cavalier Classic XIII at UVA on October 25, the Ben Cooper Memorial Tournament at GDS on November 8, and the VCU Fall High School Tournament on November 16.

Public Forum Debate Team at WACFL 2

Public Forum Debate qualified two junior varsity teams and one varsity team for WACFL Metrofinals at the WACFL 2 tournament on Saturday, November 15, 2008, at Walt Whitman HS. At the JV level, the team of Jane Hu and Timothy Yuan placed sixth, with a 3-1 record, and the team of Emma Pierson and Stephen Drodge placed 2nd, with a 4-0 record. At the varsity level, the team of Kittie Helmick and Kevin Sun placed sixth, with a 3-1 record.

Model UN Team Wins Secretary General's Award at Fairfax High Conference

TJHSST Awarded the *Secretary General's Award for Best Large School Delegation at FAIMUN.
Best Delegate Awards went to Rishita Bollam, Bryan Cheong, April Hu, Aaron Koenig, Mica Moore, Arjang Navab, Jennifer Park, Mohima Sanyal, Vish Sridharan, and Cheng Xu.
Outstanding Delegate Awards went to Andrew Barlow, Sid Bhatia, Nate Coddington, Mike Crumplar, Greg Romais, Miller Ke, Jeff Pontell, Anirudh Saraswathula, Sam Speers, and Dennis Wang.
Honorable Delegate Awards to Amar Desai, Brendan Greenley, Akaash Gupta, Aman Kansal, Kamna Kathuria, Neal Milstein, John Pulice, Anurag Shyamala, Shiying Yang, and Andy Yang.
Verbal Commendations for Kevin Casto, Ashu Goel, Lauren Groskaufmanis, Salini Hota, Betty Huang, Ankit Kapoor, Kate Kingsbury, Christine Lee, George Li, Serena Saffarini, Naren Tallapragada ,Swati Teerdhala, Alice Wang, and Sam Zhang.
Congratulations to all the winners!

Policy Debate Team News

Policy Debate had a great WACFL 2. In varsity, the team of Han Kim and Franklin Zheng placed fifth and the team of Hannah Clark and Andre Kessler placed sixth.  Both teams qualified for Metrofinals, as did two other varsity teams: the team of Abigail Xu and Rachel Marzen and the team of Katie Lin and Chris Lee.
In JV, the team of Johnny Kim and Max Wang placed fifth, thereby qualifying for Metrofinals, and the team of Akshay Deverakonda and Sulan Zheng also qualified.
In novice, the team of Billy Nguyen and Christina Lee placed fourth, and the team of John Chae and George Liang placed fifth.  Billy Nguyen placed 3rd speaker in Novice.

Lincoln Douglas Debate Team at WACFL 1 & UPenn

The TJ Lincoln-Douglas (LD) Debate team has had a strong season so far. The weekend of October 18-19, the team attended two tournaments: WACFL 1, the local tournament, and the Liberty Bell Classic at the University of Pennsylvania. At WACFL 1, Varun Bansal (Varsity) and Aman Kansal (Junior Varsity) both qualified for the regional Metro Finals tournament in March; Aman placed sixth in JV. At UPenn,Tilani Lowman was fourth place in the preliminary rounds and broke to octafinals. On November 15th, the team attended WACFL 2, the second local tournament of the year, where TJ came away with a solid share of awards. In varsity, both Ani Mohan and Christine O'Donnell qualified to Metro Finals; Christine placed sixth in the tournament.  In JV, Elizabeth Denning qualified for Metros with a perfect 4-0 record and a third-place finish.  In novice, Kimee Moore and Kevin Boehm both had perfect 4-0 records; they placed second and third, respectively. This combined record constitutes an impressive showing. In the coming weeks, the LD Debate team will be attending the 2008 Princeton Classic. Congratulations to all LD debate team members!

Model UN Delegates win Awards at GMHSMUN

Model UN had a fabulous start at GMHSMUN and won the overall Secretary General's Award. The Best Delegate Awards went to Arvin Ahmadi, Anirudh Mohan, Curtis Mills, Dennis Wang, Kamna Kathuria, Neal Milstein, and Shiying Yang. The Outstanding Delegate Awards went to Andrew Barlow, Avi Sacks, Carolyn Scoggins, Collin Jones, George Li, Greg Romais, Hirsh Sharma, Jennifer Park, Kate Kingsbury, Kelsey Henderson, Kylene Smart, Max Kieff, Mike Crumplar, Nihaar Sinha, & Swetha Pasala. The Honorable Delegate Awards were: Akaash Gupta, Alison Kosmacki, Aman Kansal, April Hu, Brendan Greenley, Carson Hotard, Christine Jacobs, Lyndsey Wheeler, Preetam D'Souza, & Vish Sridharan. And the Verbal Award went to Sid Bhatia & Jayson Marwaha. Congratulations to all the Winners!

Policy Debate Team Wins Awards at WACFL 1

The policy team had a great start at WACFL 1. Debating Novice, Mary Sun received the third place speaker award. Also, Mary Sun and Daniel Chang got third place(3 wins-1 loss). In JV, Max Wang and Johnny Kim received 2nd place (3-1). In Varsity, Han Kim received the 3rd place speaker award, and Franklin Zheng received the 2nd place speaker award. Hannah Clark and Andre Kessler got 6th place (2-2) and Franklin Zheng and Han Kim got 4th (2-2).

It's Academic Wins NBC-TV Match!

On October 11, 2008, the It's Academic Team A of Naren Tallapragada, Josh Hahm, Kevin Casto, and Harry White (alternate), won the "TV It's Academic" competition, beating St. Stephen's & St. Agnes High School of Washington, D.C., and Wooten High School of Rockville, Maryland.  The match will be broadcast on November 1, 2008 on NBC-Channel 4 at 10:30 a.m., so be sure to watch!  In February 2009, the team will advance to the playoff round of the
TV show.

It's Academic Team Off to a Great Start

[September 22, 2008] After a head to head battle against Wilmington Charter High School, the TJ It's Academic Team A, consisiting of Naren Tallapragada, Joshua Hahm, Harry White and Kevin Casto, placed second at the Richard Montgomery High School Fall Tournament. This qualifies Team A for the NAQT National Tournament later this school year. TJ Team B, consisting of Nishanth Parameswaran, Michael Eng, Arjang Navab, Siddharth Hariharan and Graham Lobel, broke even, with 5 wins and 5 losses and won the consolation bracket.

MATE Underwater Robot Competition Results

[September 12, 2008] Congratulations to the team of Chris Atwood, Ryan Brewster, and David DyTang, who represented TJHSST at the 2008 MATE Center's Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle competition in San Diego. The team placed 8th in a field of 27 teams from around the world.

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