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International Physics Olympiad News

Daniel Li brings home the Gold at International Physics Olympiad! Read more: http://blogs.physicstoday.org/wht/2010/07/us-team-scoops-1-gold-2-silver.html

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recognize TJ's Olympiad finalists

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recognized TJ's Olympiad finalists: Yuqing Zhang (Biology), Christopher Au (Chemistry), Saketh Are (Computer), Mitchell Lee (Computer and Math), Brian Hamrick (Computer and Math), and Daniel Li (Computational Linguistics and Physics). Besides being finalists, Daniel is competing at the International Physics Olympiad next week in Croatia and Brian is competing at the International Olympiad in Informatics (Computer) next month in Canada.

You can watch the presentation on Channel 16 on July 17 at 10:00 am or on the web at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/government/board/meetings/ (Click on July 13 meeting). Picture from the meeting is available at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/opa/boardpresentations/thomas-jefferson-high-school-9143.jpg

Debate Teams at the Nationals

This was TJ's most successful Nationals ever. We brought 21 students to compete here at Omaha (more than ever before, and a lot more than we ever imagined just two or three years ago), and five of our students even made it to the elimination rounds: Akaash Gupta in LD, the team of Hannah Clark & Andre Kessler in policy, and the team of Chris Lee and Mary Sun in policy.

American Computer Science League All-Star Competition

Results from the American Computer Science League All-Star Competition held Saturday, 29 May 10, at Conrad Weiser HS, Robesonia, PA: Intermediate 'Puter Team: Competed as an ACSL Senior-5 Team -- Alex Chen, Albert Gural, Minh Nguyen, William Qian, and Elliott Simon -- won the Senior-5 Championship -- defeating schools from around the country. Team is sponsored by Ann Drobnis. Frosh 'Puter Team: Competed as an ACSL Junior-5 Team -- Collin Berman, Lauren Huang, Arlan Jaska, Andrew H. Kim, and Kalki Seksaria -- placed second in the Junior-5 competition. Team is sponsored by Steve Rose.

Math Team News

The following students have qualified for the USA Math Olympiad or USA Junior Math Olympiad [USA(J)MO]. The USA(J)MO, are six question, two day, 9 hour essay/proof examinations. All problems can be solved with pre-calculus methods. For the 2009-2010 school year approximately 500 of the top scoring AMC participants (based on a weighted average) are invited to take the USA(J)MO. This is given on two consecutive days, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 27 & 28, 2010 . For more information, and a list of all of the qualifiers, go to http://amc.maa.org/whatswhat.shtml

Alex Chen, James (Jimmy) Clark, Alex Dalzell, Brian Hamrick, Adam Hood, Kristina Hu, Sin Kim, Mitchell Lee, Daniel Li, Seung Young (Joseph) Park, Seung In Sohn, Akshar Wunnava, Yuqing Zhang

Certamen News

Harvard Certamen: Ms. Conklin and the Upper Level team traveled to Harvard University and Phillips-Exeter Academy in New Hampshire from April 9 – 11 for a northeastern Certamen tour! Amith Ananthram (captain), Chris Kilgore, Vivaek Shivakumar, Anne Marie Creighton, and Ashwin Raja wowed the crowd at the Harvard Certamen with their excellence, knowledge, and quick-wit! The team earned a spot in the final round and placed third against a team from Florida and Wisconsin. A highlight of our trip included an invitation from former TJ student and premier Certamen stand-out, William Sullivan, to visit and play 3 rounds against students from Phillips Exeter. The TJ students soundly beat the boarding school students (including our dear former Latin student, Daniel Kim) and afterwards enjoyed a tour of the campus and the classics department.

Virginia Certamen State Finals: The Virginia Certamen circuit ended this year with all teams from TJ meeting with tremendous success. On Saturday, April 23 several TJ Latin Certamen students met for the State Finals at Spotsylvania HS. The Latin I team (A) earned third place in a highly contested final round. Molly Hemenway (captain), Hae-In Seo, David Chu, and Daphne Fong. Our Latin I (B) team (Alexander Kim, William Lucht (captain), Nand Krishore) earned 9th place. The Latin II team (A) played extremely well and earned 2nd place in the final round (losing only to its rival team, St. Stephens & St. Agenes. TJ team: Jared Golant (captain), Sam Sohn, Rachel Goldstein, and Raynor Kuang. Our Latin II (B) team actually earned 2nd place in the preliminary rounds due to their excellent play (Jesse Witkowski (captain), Ziquan Li, Patrick Maribobjoc, Alana Whitman). Our Latin III team (A) earned First Place! We were thrilled for them!!! Ricky Short (captain), Akhila Ananthram, Zach Seid, and Austin Dunn. The team has played consistently well together throughout the year. Our team (B) earned fifth place: Brian Shin, Phillip Meyers, and Connor Hahn The VJCL Certamen Finals was a sad event for many teachers, who had upper level teams, because it was the last time our beloved teams would play against each other- or play together- ever again. Amith Ananthram, Chris Kilgore, Vivaek Shivakumar, Anne Marie Creighton, and Ashwin Raja played their final competition together against their common foes. Our team was ‘on fire’ and was able to continue their undefeated VA Certamen season by winning first place and taking home the crown of Many of our Certamen students will try-out soon for a position on the Virginia State Certamen team. If chosen- they will play for their respective team at the National Convention this victory. summer in North Dakota. We wish them well! Congratulations to all TJ Certamen teams for such a successful year and their respective state titles!

Regional Botball Robotics Tournament

On Saturday, April 17, 3 TJ teams competed in the DC Regional Botball Robotics Tournament. During the double elimination portion, each team won 4 or 5 matches before losing 2, finishing in the middle of the pack. Final standings also included scores in Documentation, the Seeding Round, and an on-site oral Presentation. Members of Team A: David Ensey, Joel Heck, Kelsey Dressing, Jeremy Vercillo, Patrick Stalcup David Mazzocco, Jake Hermle, Megan Clark, Sam Prestwood, and Caelan Garrett. Members of Team B: Mark Lee, Lio Kang, Jonathan Corzo, Victer Youk, Byung Joo Shin, Ben Chao, Jacob Baldwin, and Jimmy Clark. Members of Team C: Anish Tondwalker, Paul Wolfteich, Helen Lai, Lianna Yang, Kyle Withers, Fareez Choudhury, Arjun Srinivasan, Albert Gural, Minh Nguyen, Eric Tobin, Ziquan Li, Zeming Lin, and Jonathan Lykins. Look for Botball Robotics during tjSTAR.

Chess Team

Congrats to the TJ Chess Team for another successful national tournament on April 16-18. We placed second in the nation for Blitz Chess (speed chess) Thursday night. On Friday, we stumbled out of the blocks of the championship; beginning in 9th place after the first round. Over the next three days, we rose all the way to first place going into the final round before finally finishing tied for 2nd. This is our fifth consecutive "top five" finish and third straight runner-up. We have yet to win that elusive National Championship chess title! Our National Chess Team this year: Nimesh Chakravarthi, Mark Cheung, Yang Dai, Hamed Eramian, Andrew Freix, Vivek Gorijala, Kartik Gupta, Madhu Karamsetty, Arman Khojandi, Aryan Khojandi (4th place in the nation in Blitz Chess), Kun Liu, Jeremy Loffredo, Quentin Moore (5th place in the nation in Blitz Chess), Bharat Ponnaluri, Aravind Ponukumati, Craig Saperstein, Katherine Wu.

Quiz Bowl Team at NAQT State Championships

The TJ Quizbowl team participated in the Virginia NAQT State Championship at the University of Virginia on March 27, 2010. The A team upset the Maggie Walker Governor’s School in a preliminary round, beating them 315-300. Maggie Walker had been rated the top team in the country in a pre-season poll, and had been previously undefeated on high-school-level questions. The A team went 9-2 and placed 2nd out of 8 overall. The B team went 5-5 and placed 3rd overall. James Bradbury (B team) was 3rd individual scorer, Stephen Eltinge (A team) was 4th, and Diana Gerr (A team) was 5th. A team: Stephen Eltinge, Diana Gerr, Siddharth Hariharan, Olivia Murton B team: Seoup Youn, James Bradbury, Sarah Eltinge, Brandon Pang

Future Problem Solvers at State Bowl

TJ did really well in the recent Future Problem Solving State Bowl held on April 16-17. As a school, TJ took almost every honor available in the senior division. In a side competition known as the "Presentation of the Action Plan", which allows students to make an entertaining, impromptu performances based on a detailed plan, the team of Ashneil Jain, Daniel Sun, Janiel Li, Kunyao Yu, Max Wang, and Steve Qian, took first place while the team of Annie Lin, Chris Lee, Jennifer Fan, Rhitwhika Sensharma, and Yunan Nie took second place. In the main competition, also known as the Global Issues Problem Solving, TJ performed exceptionally well. Therefore, congratulations to the team of Ashneil Jain, Daniel Sun, Janiel Li, and Max Wang who took first, the team of Darwin Li, George Liang, John Chae, and Omeed Maghzian who took second place, and Kunyao Yu, who was first in the individual section. Those nine people all earned bids to internationals, a record number to us. Also congratulations to the team of Annie Lin, Jennifer Fan, Rhitwhika Sensharma, and Yunan Nie who took honorable mention. Congratulations to all participants!

Debate Team at Grand Nationals

TJ is sending a record number of students to the NCFL Grand Nationals tournament this year:

Lincoln Douglas Debaters: Akaash Gupta, Betty Huang, Ashneil Jain, Yunan Nie, Christine O’Donnell

Policy Debaters: Hannah Clark & Andre Kessler, Christopher Lee & Mary Sun, Johnny Kim & Max Wang

Public Forum Debaters: Rebecca Friedman & Emily Yu, Cindy Han &Lisa Yang, Katherine Helmick & Kevin Sun

Forensics: Arvin Ahmadi (original oratory), Leif Bakke (original oratory), Neal Chaudhuri & Emily Ji (duo)

Forensics State Meet

Rebecca Friedman placed Second in Foreign Extemporaneous speaking at the State Forensics Meet in Harrisonburg, Virginia on April 10th.

National Japan Bowl

The National Japan Bowl was held on April 8-9 on behalf of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. Among the 200 participants from various states, our teams represented TJ very well. Level 2 team placed 4th place and Level 3 team placed 5th. All the students this year worked well together and built a great team spirit. Congratulations to all of them for showing such a great pride and ownership in learning Japanese! Members of the Japan Bowl teams are the following. Level 2: Bobby Ends, Albert Gural, Kristy Shin. Level 3: Daniel Kang, Annie Lin, Serena Lei. Level 4: Jungeun Choi, Connie Xie, Jason Ya.

Chemistry Olympiad

Congratulations to Stephen Eltinge, Chris Au, and James Bradbury, our regional winners who have qualified to take the national Chemistry Olympiad exam at Catholic U on April 22nd. They are among the top 20 chemistry students in 17 local school districts.

Math Team

Brian Hamrick was invited to be part of the USA team that participated in the Romanian Masters in Mathematics. The tournament took place in Bucharest from February 24th through February 28th. The top 20 nations from the 2009 International Mathematics Olympiad are invited to this competition. The students are selected by the USA Math Olympiads Committee. This is a proof-based competition where the students do three proofs in four hours each of two days. The US team placed 3rd overall, behind Russia and China (in that order)!! Brian Hamrick was awarded a gold medal, only one of six.

The following students qualified for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), because of their outstanding performance on the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) test. The AIME was administered on Tuesday, March 16. It is a three-hour, 15 question exam. The students’ combined AMC and AIME results are used to identify the top students in the country and they are invited to take part in the USA Math Olympiad at the end of April. Kevin Au, Jacob Baldwin, William Bergan, Krishnan Chander, Jack Chen, Alex Chen, Joowon Choi, Dahan Choi, Richard Chong, James Clark, Alex Dalzell, Lawrence Diao, Stephen Eltinge, Albert Gural, Michael Gurlitz, Brian Hamrick, Adam Hood, Kristina Hu, Andre Kessler, Sin Kim, Kevin Ko, Varun Kumar, Mitchell Lee, Remy Lee, Greyson Lewis, Daniel Li, Lenny Li, Janiel Li, Stuart Maier, Stephanie Marzen, Anirudh Mohan, Seungho Na, Seungyoung Park, William Rieger, Samuel Rush, Allen Shi, Elliot Simon, Seungin Sohn, Suganya Sridharma, Arjun Srinivasan, Mitchell Stern, Jad Tabbara, Mingyee Tsang, He Wan, Grace Wang, John Welch, Jeremy Weller, Parker Won, Katherine Wu, Akshar Wunnava, Hanwen Xu, Renjie You, Patrick Yu, Jenny Yung, Yuqing Zhang, Edwin Zhang, Sulan Zheng

Chess Team News

On February 28, the TJ Chess Team of Arman Khojandi, Craig Saperstein, Hamed Eramian, and Aryan Iden Khojandi won the MACL Playoffs, winning all three of their matches 4-0 for a combined score of 12-0. TJHSST are MACL Champions! Congratulations to everyone and thanks to all who played in the MACL matches, both regular season and playoffs. On Friday, 12 March 2010, TJ Chess Team defended successfully its Virginia Blitz Chess title, winning clear first by a significant margin. In addition, Darwin Li, Yang Dai, and Aryan Khojandi took the top three individual places. In the main event, TJ won first place for the twelfth consecutive time. TJ dominated the individual awards, with Quentin Moore winning first place, Aryan Khojandi and Kartik Gupta tying for second place, and several others also placing in the top ten. Bharat Ponnaluri took home the Top U1000, Jeremy Loffredo the Top U1200, and Andrew Crump the top Unrated Player. Picture – Chess Co-Captain Aryan Khojandi, Chess Sponsor Mr. Ero, and Chess Co-Captain Craig Saperstein are holding the trophies from the blitz tournament and 1st Place in the main chess event at the Virginia Chess Championship in Blacksburg, VA. Picture – TJ Chess team at the State Chess Tournament

Science Bowl

Congratulations to the TJ Science Bowl team of Greyson Lewis, Aaron Koenig, Daniel Li, Hanwen Xu, and Akshar Wunnava. They won the Virginia Regional Science Bowl championship winning 7 straight matches. They now advance to the National finals in May.

Chemistry Olympiad Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to Chris Au, James Bradbury, Alex Chen, Krishnan Chander, Ritchie Yein, Marty Scherr, Alex Yang, Chris Seok, Peter Ahnn, Jeremy Weller, Stephanie Karp, and Will Dalton, our top 12 semi-finalists for the Local Chemistry Olympiad. They will take the Local exam March 19 A and B blocks to compete for two seats at the national exam in April. Stephen Eltinge automatically qualifies for the national exam since he attended the Chemistry Olympiad Study Camp last summer.

Science Olympiad

TJ's first ever science olympiad teams did amazing in their regional tournament held on Saturday, March 13th, at GWU - Mt. Vernon Campus, Washington, D.C.

All three 15-person team received a team award. Team awards are given out to the top four overall scores.

TJHSST - Blue Team - 2nd Place Overall: Chris Au, Kevin Au, Pritha Bahattacharyya, Brenner, Alec Zola Bridges, John Chae, Roman Enson, Hope Flaxman, Virginia Hsu, Yena Kim, Christine Lucky, Kimee Moore Suhas Patel, Andrew Tao, and Deanna Zhu.

TJHSST - White Team - 3rd Place Overall: Peter Ahnn, Chris Carey, Luke Cheng, Daniel Chun, Hayden Chun, Katie Ho, Seiyoung Jang, Curt Kim, Amanda Ko, Priya Krishnan, Monica Liu, Joseph Park, Austin Ralls, Jillian Wen, Sherie Zhou

TJHSST - Red Team - 4th Place Overall: Eve Chase, Gloria Duan, Tvissha Goel, Kira Guth, MingMing Hu, Chris Hughes, April Hyon,Bianca Kim, Thomas Lee, Hillary Liu, Isabelle Liu, Venkat Manne,; Allie Meng, Jee In Seo, Cecelia Vollbrecht,

In addition to the overall team awards, the students received medals in 14 out of the 16 individual events. In these events, teams are made up of two or three students. A team receives a medal if it places in the top five for the event. The TJ students received a total of 29 team medals, including first-place medals in 5 of the 16 events.

1st places: Anatomy: Kevin Au, John Chae; Astronomy: Hope Flaxman, Virginia Hsu; Cell Biology: Kevin Au, John Chae; Dynamic Planet: Alec Brenner, Andrew Tao; Ecology: Hope Flaxman, Virginia Hsu

2nd Places: Astronomy: Austin Ralls, Chris Carey; Chem Lab: Chris Au, Ron Enson; Dynamic Planet: Chris Carey, Amanda Ko; Egg-O-Naut: Priya Krishnan, Sei Young Jang; Environmental Chemistry: Chris Au, Ron Enson; It's About Time: Luke Cheng, Curt Kim; Picture This: Chris Au, Ron Enson, Zola Bridges; Trajectory: Kimee Moore, Deanna Zhu; Write It Do It: Pritha Bhattacharyya, Yena Kim

3rd places: Chem Lab: Peter Ahnn, Hayden Chun; Ecology: Venkat Manne, Isabella Liu; Environmental Chemistry: Peter Ahnn, Hayden Chun; Experimental Design: Alec Brenner, Andrew Tao, Zola Bridges; Mousetrap Vehicle: Priya Krishnan, Sei Young Jang; Write It Do it: Jee In Seo, Bianca Kim

As you can see, the students did amazing for their first regional. Many of the students competed in science olympiad in middle school but some of the students had never before competed in science Olympiad. Next up is the Virginia state competition, of which TJ sends one team, on April 24th and is being held at Lake Braddock Secondary School.

Debate Team News

TJ will be sending more students to the NCFL (National Catholic Forensic League) Grand National tournament than ever before, breaking last year's record.

Lincoln Douglas
Congratualations! Akaash Gupta, Betty Huang, Yunan Nie, and Christine O’Donnell will go on to the Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska!

And we have great news from Metro Finals. Rebecca Friedman, Arvin Ahmadi, Neal Chauhudri, and Emily Ji will go on to the Nationals in Omaha, Nebraska!

Public Forum Debate

TJ's Public Forum Debate team had our Metrofinals from Friday, March 12 to Saturday, March 13.

In Junior Varsity: 1. Mashal Wakilpoor and Snigdha Kumar made it to semifinals 2. Daniel Jang and Karishma Popli made it to quarterfinals 3. Ricky Prasannappa and Sameer Singh made it to quarterfinals

In Varsity: 1. Rebecca Friedman and Emily Yu made it to the final round and placed second with a 8-4 record. 2. Kittie Helmick and Kevin Sun placed third with a 7-5 record. 3. Cindy Han and Lisa Yang placed sixth with a 7-5 record.

The three varsity teams will advance to NCFL Nationals on May 28-31 in Omaha, Nebraska! We also tied for first place for the PF debate sweepstakes award, and earned second place for the overall debate sweepstakes award.

Policy Debate

On March 5-6, the TJ Policy Debate team competed successfully at Metrofinals, the culminating tournament for the local Washington-Arlington Catholic Forensics League (WACFL) that determines which teams will attend the NCFL (National Catholic Forensics League) Grand National Tournament in Omaha, Nebraska. To qualify for Metrofinals, teams had to have two win/loss records of 3-1, one win/loss record of 4-0, or be one of the top six teams at one of the five previous local tournaments. Jared Golant, Samuel Luo, Eric Kim, Kat Lee, Sjala Shukla, Liz Maidzvedskaya, Ally Walsh, Saemi Han, and Isabella Liu qualified in the JV division and Hannah Clark, Andre Kessler, Max Wang, Johnny Kim, Abigail Xu, Akshay Deverakonda, Rachel Marzen, Christopher Lee, Sulan Zheng, Mary Sun, George Liang, John Chae, Franklin Zheng, and Han Kim qualified in the Varsity division. In the JV division, Samuel Luo and Eric Kim were the seventh seeded team with a 4-2 record, and Liza Miadzvedskaya and Ally Walsh were the ninth seeded team with a 3-3 record. In Varsity division, the team of Hannah Clark and Andre Kessler was the top seeded team entering the elimination rounds with a 10-0 record in ballots and won the final round on 3 - 0 decision against Wilson HB. The team of Mary Sun and Christopher Lee was the third seed with a 7 - 3 record in ballots and the team of Johnny Kim and Max Wang was the fifth seed in the varsity division with a 7 - 5 record in ballot. All three teams qualified to attend the NCFL Grand National Tournament. In addition, Christopher Lee was the first place speaker and Hannah Clark was the second place speaker. Lastly, TJ tied for the first place sweepstakes award, which is obtained through high team rankings. Congratulations!

Computer Team at Annual High School Programming Contest

At the 20th annual University of Maryland High School Programming Contest on March 6, TJ Senior Computer Team took first place out of forty teams by solving seven of eight problems (second place team solved five problems). Congratulations to Brian Hamrick, Jack Chen, Thomas Georgiou, and Mitchell Lee. [Picture – Mr. Torbert, Jack Chen, Mitchell Lee, Thomas Georgiou and Brian Hamrick win first place at UMD Programming Contest] At the Virginia Commonwealth High School Programming Contest on Friday, 12 March, out of 17 teams, the TJ Senior team was first and solved all ten problems, the Intermediate team was second and solved nine, and the Frosh team was fifth. Senior Team: Daniel D. Kang, Andre Kessler, Dylan Ladwig, and Daniel Li Intermediate Team: Saketh Are, Alex Chen, William Qian, and Glenna Yu Frosh Team: Collin Berman, Andrew H. Kim, Steven Kool and Kalki Seksaria In the American Computer Science League, the Intermediate and Frosh teams have finished the first three contests and are waiting to see the standings after Contest # 3.

Future Problem Solvers at the State Bowl

Future Problem Solving (FPS) is a competition that stresses a student's creative capabilities as opposed to his knowledge or skills in academics. Every year, all Future Problem Solvers participate in the Qualifying Problem, which offers bids to go to State Bowl for students or teams that compete well. This year, we had 27 students qualify for State Bowl, which is the highest in the school's history. Congratulations to: John Chae, Celeste Cheong, Jennifer Fan, Niki Hua, Ashneil Jain, Daniel Jang, Allison Koenecke, Vansh Kumar, Chris Lee, Cynthia Li, Darwin Li, Janiel Li, Patricia Li, George Liang, Annie Lin, Lydia Luu, Omeed Maghzian, Yunan Nie, Ricky Prasannappa, Rafa Rahman, Pranava Raparla, Rhitwika Sensharma, Daniel Sun, Dan Wang, Max Wang, Kunyao Yu, and Judy Zeng. Best of luck at states!

Manatees, Sea Turtles, and Sharks, Oh My!!

On a recent Saturday in March, 16 teams met at American University to compete head to head or ‘claw to claw’ at the regional ocean bowl competition. Organized by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, headquartered in Washington, D.C., the goal of the competition is to provide students who excel in math and science a forum to apply their skills to topics in oceanography and inspire them to continue the exploration of Earth’s final frontier. The National Ocean Sciences Bowl is one program that prepares the next generation of marine scientists, policy makers, teachers, explorers, researchers, technicians, environmental advocates, and informed citizens to accept the challenge of continued exploration as well as to develop strategies for managing the oceans' resources. The 16 teams represented northern Virginia, D.C., Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Beginning in September, students at TJ, tested, practiced buzzer rounds, studied, wrote study guides, went to museums, and applied concepts learned in biology, chemistry, physics, math, and geosystems. Thanks to the following students who have worked on the teams this year: Meredith Burkle, Katie Hsia, Holly Jachowski, Joey Jachowski, Andrew Kim, Janiel Li, Ryan Mandani, Sapir Nachum, Janice Park, Daniel Seidman, Julia Sokolow, Yohan Sumathipala, Shriram Sundararaman, and Margaret Tarmann. The A-team of Margaret, Daniel, Janiel, and Janice won an all expense paid trip to the National competition at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg April 23-27. In addition to the competition, the students will be treated to a day of expeditions exploring Tampa Bay habitats including sampling onboard a research vessel, mangrove and coastal ecology, Florida caves and springs, an introduction to marine research at the University includes deep water sediment sampling, interactive modeling of plate tectonics, remote sensing, ocean optics, and shark research at the Mote Marine Laboratory.

Biology Olympiad News

Congratulations to all 98 students who took the Open Biology Olympiad Exam on February 26, 2010. This year, the exam was very, very difficult. Nevertheless our students rose to the occasion. Eighty-seven percent of TJ students scored above the national average for this test. The highest score nationwide was 35 out of 50; TJ's highest score was 32 out of 50. Thirty-two students qualified to take the Semi-Final exam to be administered on April 9, 2010. Congratulations to the following semifinalists: Kevin Boehm, Kanarek Brooke, Luke Cheng, Claire Cooper, Elizabeth Denning, Riley Ennis, Victor Hsu, Sei Young Jang, Yon Jang, Alvina Jiao, Andrew S. Kim, Sin Kim, Aaron Koenig, Derek Lai, Hojae Lee, George Liang, Guanmei Liang, Monica Liu, Andy Mai, Rachel Marzen, Olivia Murton, Aakansha Nangarlia, Jeremy Owen, Janice Park, Johnny Pulice, Stefani Van Rafelghem, Dennis Wang, Jillian Wen, Eunice Wu, Hanwen Xu, Yuqing Zhang, and Jennifer Zhao. Biology Olympiad Club's next two contests are the Clemson Biology Merit Exam on April 16th and the University of Toronto National Biology Competition on April 29th. The club can be contacted at 2010tjbio@gmail.com.

Quiz Bowl News

The Quizbowl team did well at a number of tournaments recently. The team went to the VHSL States tournament, held at the College of William and Mary, on February 27th and placed 2nd. On March 7th, the team attended the ZIGZAG tournament at Gonzaga College High School, placing 2nd. The team placed 4th at the Ben Cooper Memorial Tournament at Georgetown Day School on March 13th.


Techstravaganza is a science, technology, math, and engineering exploration day. It is intended for upper elementary and middle school students and their parents, who will have the opportunity to conduct hands-on science experiments as well as witness demonstrations and speak to scientists. Activities are run by TJ students and faculty, as well as professionals from sponsoring organizations, which included Exxon Mobil, Northrop Grumman, NASA, and Women in Technology. Techstravaganza is free and everyone is welcome! When: April 17, 12:30-4:00 Where: TJHSST For more information, visit www.tjhsst.edu/twist/tech.html. Please feel free to spread the word of this event, and think about bringing family and friends. If you are a student at TJ interested in volunteering, email twistcoordinators@gmail.com.

Model UN Club at UPenn

TJ Model UN claimed the Secretary General's Award for Outstanding Large School Delegation at the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference at the University of Pennsylvania on January, 28th-31st. Congratulations to all the Delegates!

* Best Delegation Awards went to: Dennis Wang, Shiying Yang, Vish Sridharan, Xiaonan Hu, Neal Milstein, Anirudh Saraswathula, and Swetha Pasala.

* Outstanding Delegate Awards went to: Aman Kansal, Ankit Kapoor, Nimesh Chakravarthi, Ashneil Jain, Ashu Goel, Allen Shi, Kate Kingsbury, Michael Nguyen, Bryan Cheong, Salini Hota, Christine Lee, Nazila Shafaghati, Zack Perconti, Adrea Jackson, and Lyndsey Wheeler.

* Honorable Mention Awards went to: Sara Asad, Chinmayee Bala, Siddhant Sethi, Kevin Cao, Namita Kansal, Collin Jones, Carson Hotard, Kamna Kathuria, John Pulice, Mohima Sanyal, Anurag Shyamala, and Mike Crumplar.

* Verbal Commendations went to: Ryan Pillai, Yash Maniar, Ashrit Bagali, Mayank Mahajan, Eashan Kaul, Eugene Cai, Zach Moser, Jihun Kim, Brendan Kim, Jake Zucker, Connor Docherty, Nick Kousen, Miller Ke, Deanna Zhu, Dan Wang, and Joowon Choi.

Math Team News

Daniel Li was one of 10 finalists in the Who Wants to be a Mathematician competition. As a finalist, he won a trip to compete in a National Who Wants to be a Mathematician competition at the Joint Mathematics Meeting in San Francisco. Against representatives from all over the United States, Dan won $1000 for himself and $1000 for the school based on his essay on how the money would be used. Information on the competition can be found at http://www.ams.org/wwtbam/national/jmm2010.html.

The Varsity Math Team traveled to the Harvard MIT Math Tournament (HMMT) on February 20. Brian Hamrick placed third in the Calculus Division and fifth in the Combinatorics Division which earned him an overall third place individual award. Mitchell Lee also finished in the top 20, finishing 18th with an 18th place finish in Calculus and 7th place finish in Combinatorics. Andrew Cheong finished 15th in the Calculus division and Dan Li was 17th in Geometry. TJ A Team won a third place finish in the Guts round; a first place finish in the Team round; and finished fourth place overall. TJ B finished 31st and TJ C finished 33rd in a field of 96 teams. In addition to the on-site tournament, Harvard and MIT hosted an HMMT online tournament for those students who were unable to travel to Cambridge. TJ had two teams participating in the online tournament (TJ D and TJ E). In the online tournament, congratulations to the following students:

* Saketh Are – tied for 9th in Algebra, 4th in Combinatorics, and 10th overall Individual

* Nalini Singh – tied for 9th in Algebra

* Andre Kessler – 5th in Calculus

* Allen Shi – 10th in Calculus

* Divya Garg – tied for 7th in Combinatorics

* Luke Cheng – 9th in Combinatorics, 6th in Geometry

* Thomas Lee – 7th in Geometry

* Roberto Valle – 8th in Geometry

In the Team Round, TJ D came in 2nd and TJ E came in 5th. In the Guts Round, TJ D came in 4th and TJ E came in 6th.

Quiz Bowl at VHSL Disctricts

The TJ Quiz Bowl Team won first place at the VHSL district tournament and continued on to win first place at the VHSL regional tournament. The team attempted to host its own tournament, NAREN, on January 30, 2010, but it was cut short and postponed to a later date because of snow.

Lincoln Douglas Debate Team News

Due to the snow, TJ LD Debate Team was unable to compete in their main two planned tournaments, the local WACFL 5 tournament and the national University of Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Classic. However, earlier the Team did send a few Varsity competitors to the Columbia Invitational, where Ashneil Jain broke to the Double Octafinals rounds. The WACFL 5 tournament is the last chance for debaters to qualify for the Metro Finals, which is the regional tournament in March that allows winners to compete in the national tournament. Because WACFL 5 was cancelled this year, additional qualifiers were determined in other ways. TJ now has additional qualifiers for the upcoming Metro Finals tournament. In Varsity, Yunan Nie and Katherine Wang have qualified. In Junior Varsity, Shohini Ghosh, Andrew Kim, and Alan Wei have all qualified. These debaters will join TJ’s previously qualified debaters in a couple of weeks at the Metro Finals tournament. Congratulations everyone!

Forensics Team at the Liberty District Meet

The Liberty District Meet was held at Stone Bridge High School. TJ took three first place medals: Rebecca Friedmann, Foreign Extemp; Kyle Angelotti, Domestic Extemp; and Leif Bakke, Original Oratory. The team took second place in the District. At the Regional Meet held at Westfields HS. Rebecca Friedmann took third in Foreign Extemp and Leif Bakke took third in Original Oratory, both earning slots at the State Meet. Congratulations!

Physics Team at the USA Physics Olympiad

On January 28, TJ’s Physics Team took the USA Physics Olympiad’s F=ma exam. Nationwide, approximated 3,200 students took this first-round exam. The top scoring students advance to the Semifinal round of competition. TJ has 29 of the 312 semi-finalists, more than any other school by a factor of 2.2. Congratulations to John Anderson, Maxwell Beckhard, Krishnan Chander, Jack Chen, Aviv Cukierman, Lawrence Diao, Stephen Eltinge, Thomas Georgiou, Brian Hamrick, Adam Hood, Jonathan Hsu, Daniel Kang, Andre Kessler, Andrew Kim, Mitchell Lee, Daniel Li, Lenny Li, Evan Liu, Ani Mohan, Daniel Ranard, Billy Rieger, Seung-In Sohn, Mitchell Stern, Ming-Yee Tsang, Roberto Valle, Akshar Wunnava, Renjie You, Yuqing Zhang, and Kevin Zhou.

Quiz Bowl news

On Saturday, January 16, TJ’s Quiz Bowl team represented by Juniors Stephen Eltinge, Olivia Murton, Diana Gerr, and Siddharth Hariharan went undefeated at the District and Regional Championships in the VHSL Scholastic Bowl Tournament. The team, formerly known as It’s Academic, competed at Edison High School. Next stop: VHSL State Championship Tournament Saturday, February 27 on the campus of William and Mary.

Senior Computer Team news

The results of the December 2009 USA Computer Olympiad (USACO) contest were: In the Gold division, Brian Hamrick placed 5th and Jack Chen placed 11th. In the Silver division, Mitchell Lee placed 8th , William Qian placed 13th, and Mitchell Stern placed 15th.In the Bronze division, Kevin Dodd and Kalki Seksaria tied for 1st. The results of the January 2010 USACO contest were: In the Gold division, Brian Hamrick tied for 1st, Mitchell Lee placed 11th, and Jack Chen tied for 12th.In the Silver division, Lawrence Diao placed 9th and Andrew Cheong placed 14th.In the Bronze division, Arjun Srinivasan tied for 4th and Seung In Sohn tied for 15th.

Model UN at PWMUN Conference

TJHSST Model UN Delegation claimed the Secretary General's Award for Best Large School Delegation at the Prince William Model United Nations Conference (PWMUN) on December 11th and 12th. TJ Delegates won Best Delegate Awards in 11 out of the 15 committees they participated in! Congratulations to all the Delegates! Best Delegation Awards went to: Collin Jones, Avi Sachs, Aman Kansal, Nazila Shafagati, Varun Kumar, Ryan Pillai, Max Kieff, Nihaar Sinha, Kishore Rao, Steve Qian, Siddhant Sethi, Jason Miller, Shiying Yang, Dennis Wang, April Hu, Swetha Pasala, and Anirudh Saraswathula. Outstanding Delegate Awards went to: Ankit Kapoor, Nimesh Chakravarthi, Romita Mandal, Kyle Angelotti, Nick Kousen, Connor Docherty, Allen Shi, Daniel Shankar, Lyndsey Wheeler, Alison Kosmacki, Mike Crumplar, Serena Saffarini, Zach Perconti, Kate Kingsbury, and John Pulice. Honorable Mention Awards went to: Lizzy Yim, Suhyen Bae, Ashi Bagali, Sameer Shrivastava, Nate Skolnik, Anna Knight, Kevin Cao, Zach Hosseinipour, and Aaron Koenig. Verbal Commendations went to: Michael Nguyen, Richard Nguyen, Brian Shin, Andrew Barlow, Nalini Singh, Panya Vu, Shreyas Mahapatra, Divya Madhusudhan, Adrea Jackson, Hunter Merrill, Chinmayee Bala, Omer Ahmed, Garrett Hoppin, Cheng Xu, Sarah Rachel, Chantelle Ekanem, Pranava Raparla, Carson Hotard, Anurag Shyamala, and Miller Ke.

Public Forum Debate

On Saturday, January 16, TJ's Public Forum Debate team (also known by the lovely names of PF Debate, PoFo) attended the WACFL IV tournament, where three of TJ’s outstanding JV teams qualified for Metrofinals. First time partners Daniel Jang and Karishma Popli placed 1st with a 4-0 record, Vidya Ganesh and Guanmei Liang placed 3rd with a 4-0 record, and Ricky Prasannappa and Samy Singh earned their second 3-1 record, thus qualifying them for Metrofinals. They all successfully debated January's PF Debate topic: Resolved: President Obama's plan for increasing troops in Afghanistan is in the United States' best interest. PF Debate will also be sending Varsity and JV teams to upcoming national tournaments NFL Nationals (1/23/10) and the UPenn Liberty Bell Classic (the weekend of Feb. 15), where they will debate February's topic: Resolved: In the United States, organized political lobbying does more harm than good.

Lincoln Douglas Debate Team at WACFL 4

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate team had many successes at WACFL 4 on Saturday, January 16, 2010. This was the fourth local tournament of the debate season. The topic of debate was Resolved: Economic sanctions ought not be used to achieve foreign policy objectives. This resolution will also be the one in three of our upcoming tournaments: WACFL 5, Columbia Invitational, and University of Pennsylvania Liberty Bell Classic. For this past WACFL 4 tournament, each debater had a total of four rounds during the day--two affirming the resolution and two negating the resolution. So far this year we've had a number of qualifiers for Metro Finals, the regional tournament in March that will allow winners to compete in the national tournament, and success was eminent in this tournament as well. In varsity, Ashneil Jain was undefeated and took third place. Ashneil had already qualified for Metros, but TJ did have another new varsity qualifier in Kevin Boehm, who took sixth place. In Junior Varsity, Gireesh Reddy took first place with a perfect 4-0 record; he was also first-place speaker. Apoorva Lonkar took sixth place, and she was second-place speaker. Both Gireesh and Apoorva now proceed to the varsity level. In novice, Andrew Kim took fourth place. He now moves up to JV, and he has half-qualified for Metros--meaning that he just needs a 3-1 record in JV to send him to the Metros tournament in March. Congratulations to everyone!

Policy Debate Team News

Two TJ varsity policy debate teams attended the George Mason University tournament on January 8-9, 2010. Hannah Clark and Andre Kessler advanced to the semifinals, and Hannah received the 5th speaker award. Akshay Deverakonda and Chris Lee advanced to the quarterfinals, and Chris received the 8th speaker award. The policy debate team had a successful tournament at WACFL IV on January 16, 2010. Results were the following:Junior Varsity:Sajala Shukla and Kat Lee placed 2nd with a 3-1 record Ally Walsh and Liza Miadzvedskaya placed 6th with a 3-1 record Varsity: Hannah Clark 1st speaker Mary Sun and Chris Lee placed 5th with a 3-1 record Hannah Clark and Andre Kessler placed 1st with a 4-0 record.

Japan Bowl

TJ’s 2010 National Japan Bowl Team has been selected.  They are: 
Level 2: Bobby Ends, Albert Gural, Kristy Shin

Level 3: Daniel Kang, Annie Lin, Serena Lei

Level 4: Jungeun Choi, Connie Xie, Jason Ya 
The members are meeting on Wednesday and Friday to polish the skills and gain knowledge in language and culture.  It's great to see them work together as a team.  Also upper classmen are guiding the others to achieve higher goals together.  Coach Otani is impressed by the team work spirit they are building together this year.  It is certain that they will bring back some trophies this time!

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Team News

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate team had many successes at WACFL 3, the third local tournament of the debate season.  The topic of debate was "Public health concerns justify compulsory immunizations."  Each debater had a total of four rounds during the day--two affirming the resolution and two negating the resolution.  In Varsity: Ashneil Jain was undefeated and placed fifth.  Ashneil had previously qualified for Metro Finals, the regional tournament in March that will allow winners to compete in the national tournament.  Janiel Li was an additional qualifier for Metro Finals.  In Junior Varsity, TJ held the top three places--Nancy Ding in first place (Nancy was also the first-place JV speaker), Dhruv Bansal in second place, and Zophie Quan in third place.  All three of the debaters were undefeated and qualified for Metro Finals at the Junior Varsity level. Aakansha Nangarlia also did particularly well, placing seventh.  In novice, Shohini Ghosh was undefeated and placed fourth.  Alan Wei placed fifth and was the second-place novice speaker. Kathleen Atkatsh also came in seventh place.  Congratulations to everyone!

Certamen (Latin Team) News

87 students from TJ attended the Virginia Junior Classical League Convention in Richmond, VA on Nov. 22 and 23.  TJ Senior, Christopher Kilgore, led the entire convention (over 1800 students) as the President of the VJCL.  Christopher is the first student from TJ to ever serve as President of the VJCL.  Amith Ananthram, Senior, serves as the VJCL Editor. 

Students competed in academic, graphic and creative arts contests.  TJ students won several awards in all categories.  In addition, TJ upheld its first place victory in the Spirit Contest by once again capturing the title!  Much credit goes to the cheer captains (Andrew Runge, Zach Seid, Ashwin Raja) and our t-shirt designer, senior, Priya Patel

Best in Show: Students who earned the highest score on exam at the convention:  


Sweepstakes: Students who earn the most points for performing well in a variety of categories: academics, graphic arts, and creative arts. 




Public Forum Tournament News

This December, Public Forum Debate went to two tournaments-a national tournament at GMU and the local WACFL 3. At GMU (Friday, December 4 to Sunday, December 6), the varsity team of Rebecca Friedman and Emily Yu placed second in the Round Robin, and the varsity teams of Rebecca Friedman, Emily Yu and Kevin Sun, Kittie Helmick both broke to double-octofinals. At WACFL 3 (Saturday, December 12), the varsity team of Kevin Sun and Kittie Helmick placed fourth in varsity. 

Computer Team News

The Intermediate Computer Team is a new team this year with 20 members.  We have completed our first contest and scored a 47 out of possible 50.  The team is comprised of sophomores, yet is competing at the Senior Level in the ACSL (American Computer Science League) Competitions.  The students are enjoying this new level of competition to help better prepare them for the Senior Computer Team which competes in the USACO (USA Computer Olympiad). 

Science Olympiad

TJ’s Science Olympiad Team is new this year, and will be attending its first competition--Regionals--on either Feb. 27, 2009 at Fairfax High School or Mar. 13, 2009 at George Washington University Mt. Vernon. Campus. 

Policy Debate Team News

Congrats! TJ policy had a really successful WACFL III tournament - in varsity, Andre Kessler and Hannah Clark’s team placed second.   Andre and Hanna placed 2nd and 1st Speaker Awards, respectively.  Additionally, the team of Johnny Kim and Max Wang won 1st place!  

TJ Model UN at the William and Mary High School Model United Nations Conference

TJHSST Model UN Delegation claimed the Secretary General's Award for Best Large School Delegation at the William and Mary High School Model United Nations Conference (WMHSMUN) on November 20, 21, and 22. TJ Delegates won Best Delegate Awards in 12 out of the 20 committees they participated in! Congratulations to all the Delegates!

Math Team at the Princeton University Competition

On November 21, TJ’s Math Team competed at the Princeton University Math Competition.  Due to an error in the score room, it was announced that TJ’s A Team came in 6th at the competition.  After a review of the scores, the A team officially placed 2nd in the A Division.  Brian Hamrick won 1st place in Combinatorics and Number Theory, with perfect scores in both of these subject tests.  Brian also won 1st place overall.  The A team was: Brian Hamrick, Akshar Wunnava, Sam Rush, Renjie You, Adam Hood, Sin Kim, Seungin Sohn, and Yuqing Zhang.  The B-team of Allison Koenecke, Lawrence Diao, Grace Wang, Jenny Yung, Greyson Lewis, Divya Garg, Mitchell Lee, and Billy Rieger competed in the A Division. C

ompeting in the B Division, TJ’s C team came in 2nd place.  The C team was: Jack Chen, Aviv Cukierman, Lenny Li, Ani Mohan, Luke Cheng, Hong Zhou, Krishnan Chander, and Andre Kessler.  Several of TJ C members placed in their subject tests.  Unfortunately, the PUMAC site is down at this time and results are not currently available.  Check Academic Booster website for updates result information.   

Botball Club provides volunteers for the First Lego League (FLL) Robotics tournament

The Botball Robotics club provided a dozen volunteers, mostly as judges and set-up crew, as part of hosting a First Lego League (FLL) Robotics tournament on Sunday, November 15. FLL runs a nation-wide robotics competition for students in elementary and middle school.

TJ Quizbowl team at the VCU Fall Tournament II

At the VCU Fall Tournament II, the TJ Quizbowl team finished strong with Team A in 3rd and Team B in 4th. Individuals scored high with Stephen Eltinge in 5th and Diana Gerr in 6th.

The Japan Bowl Club to participate at the National Japan Bowl competition

The Japan Bowl Club will be participating the National Japan Bowl competition again this year (April 8-9, 2010). This year's competitors are the following students: Level 2 team: Bobby Ends, Albert Gural, Kristy Shin, Level 3 team: Daniel Kang, Annie Lin, Serena Lei,Level 4 team: Jungeun Choi, Connie Xie, Jason Ya. Good luck to all members!

Public Forum Debate Team at WACFL 2

The Public Forum Debate Team competed at WACFL 2, held at King George HS on November 14. On Junior Varsity, Seoup Youn and Tiffany Dong placed 3rd with a record of 4-0. Snigdha Kumar and Mashal Wakilpoor had a record of 3-1, making them fully qualified for Metrofinals. On Varsity, Emily Yu and Rebecca Friedman placed 6th with a record of 3-1.

Jefferson's Forensics Team at the 2nd Northern Virginia Forensics League Competition

Jefferson's Forensics Team did very well at the 2nd Northern Virginia Forensics League Competition. Rebecca Friedman placed second in Extemporaneous Speaking, Rachel Kim placed second in Prose, Emily Ji placed third in Humorous Interpretation, Laif Bakke placed third in Original Oratory, Kyle Angelotti placed fourth in Extemporaneous Speaking, and Colin Jones and Noah Yoo placed 5th in Duo Interpretation.

Lincoln Douglas Debate team at WACFL 2

On November 14, WACFL 2, our second local tournament this year, was a success for TJ’s Lincoln Douglas Debate Team! At the Varsity level, Ashneil Jain and Christine O'Donnell qualified for the Metrofinals tournament in March. At the JV level, we had three qualifiers for the Metrofinals tournament: Omeed Maghzian (2nd place, 4-0 undefeated record), Tushar Kamath (3rd place, 4-0 undefeated record), and Mark Lee (4th place). We also had a novice debater, Dhruv Bansal, who was undefeated at the novice level and placed 2nd.

TJ Model UN delegates at the Fairfax Area Invitational Model United Nations Conference (FAIMUN)

TJHSST Model UN Delegation claimed the Secretary General's Award for Best Large School Delegation at Fairfax Area Invitational Model United Nations Conference (FAIMUN) on October 30th and 31st. TJ Delegates won Best Delegate Awards in 8 out of the 9 committees they participated in! Congratulations to all the Delegates!

Best Delegate Awards presented to Andrew Barlow, Sid Bhatia, Mike Crumplar, Collin Jones, Aman Kansal, Namita Kansal, Kate Kingsbury, Swetha Pasala, Avi Sachs, Serena Saffarini, Anirudh Saraswathula, Vish Sridharan, Dennis Wang, and Shiying Yang.

Outstanding Delegates were Sanjeet Das, Ashu Goel, Suhas Gondi, Zach Hasseinipour, Salini Hota, Xiaonan Hu, Ankit Kapoor, Anna Lan, Hannah Lan, Christine Lee, Steve Qian, Kishore Rao, and Anurag Shyamala.

Honorable Delegates were Omar Ahmed, Brendan Kim, Tim Song, and Jacob Zucker.

Verbal Commendations went to Naveed Mostaghimi, Lee Sang Burm, Kevin Cao, Ashley Hwang, Richie Hernandez, Salil Gupta, Carson Hotard, Nathan LaPierre, Nathan Thillairajah, Matt Ferrell, Pranava Raparla, Nishant Garg, Varun Kumar, Nimesh Chakravarthi, Apoorva Lonkar, Divya Madhusudhan, Nand Kishore, Neeraj Gandhi, Yash Bhatnagar, Jake Skankman, Ryan Pillai, Wills Lucht, Jen Park, Bryan Cheong, Deanna Zhu, and Dan Wang.

Math Team at Duke University

The Varsity Math Team traveled to Duke University on Halloween for their annual Math Meet. Our teams were very successful, placing 2nd, 3rd, 12th, and 15th out of 49 teams! Team A (Brian Hamrick, Jimmy Clark, Akshar Wunnava, Yuqing Zhang, Adam Hood, and Renjie You) was 2nd. Team B (Sin Kim, Mitchell Lee, Allison Koenecke, Ming-Yee Tsang, Sam Rush, and Billy Rieger) was 3rd. Team D (Luke Cheng, Lenny Li, Krishnan Chander, Aviv Cukierman, and Allen Shi), competing down a member, edged out the C team, placing in a 3 way tie for 12th. And Team C (Jenny Yung, Grace Wang, Divya Garg, Andrew Cheong, Jack Chen, and Aryan Khojandi)was behind them by just half a point, placing 15th. In the Individual Competition, Mitchell Lee, Brian Hamrick and Jimmy Clark were part of a multi-way tie for 3rd place while Adam Hood, Yuqing Zhang, and Sin Kim tied for 4th place. The team travels next to Princeton University on November 20.

Policy Debate Team at WACFL 1 Tournament

On October 31st, the Policy Debate team competed at its first WACFL tournament of the year, which was held in Hayfield Secondary School. In Varsity, Hannah Clark & Andre Kessler placed 1st, Johnny Kim & Max Wang placed 2nd, and Akshay Deverakonda & Abigail Xu placed 5th. In addition, Hannah Clark won the 2nd place Speaker award. In Junior Varsity, John Chae & Jared Golant placed 3rd, and Eric Kim & Samuel Luo placed 5th.

Public Forum Debate Team at WACFL 1

At the first WACFL tournament of the school year, Public Forum Debate Team members participated in both the varsity and junior varsity divisions. In the varsity division, Emily Yu and Rebecca Friedman placed 4th with a 3-1 record. In the JV division, Alvina Jiao and Eugenie Quan placed 3rd with a 4-0 record.

Quizbowl Team at University of Mayland

The TJ Quiz Bowl team did outstandingly at the University of Maryland’s Fall Tournament on September 26, 2009 with the A team finishing third out of 24 participating teams. The A team, consisting of Stephen Eltinge (captain), Olivia Murton, Siddharth Hariharan and Diana Gerr, achieved a 10-2 record at the tournament. B team, which consisted of Peter Town (captain), James Bradbury, and Ananth Sridhar, achieved a 6-5 record. Individuals placed high are James Bradbury placing 7th, Stephen Eltinge placing 9th, and Diana Gerr placing 12th. TJ also successfully hosted its very own tournament, the Thomas Jefferson Invitational Academic Tournament on October 17, 2009.

Lincoln Douglas Debate at the Wakeforest National Earlybird Tournament

At the Wakeforest National Earlybird Tournament, all four of TJ’s competitors made it to elimination rounds--something we've never managed before. Betty Huang and Omeed Maghzian competed in the JV octafinal round; Ashneil Jain competed in the varsity double octafinals; and Akaash Gupta made it to the quarterfinals. Then at the WACFL 1 tournament, at the Varsity level, we had three qualifiers who will go on to compete in the Metrofinals tournament in March: Akaash Gupta, Betty Huang, and Daniel Sun. At the JV level, Karishma Popli was the seventh seed speaker.

Forensics Team Update

The Forensics Team competed at Battlefield High School in Haymarket on October 14th. In Extemporaneous speaking, Rebecca Friedman took third place and Kyle Angelotti took fourth place. Leif Bakke and Arvin Ahmadi tied for first place in Original Oratory. Hillary Liu took First Place in Declamation.

Model UN at George Mason High School COnference

TJHSST Model UN Delegation claimed the Secretary General's Award for Best Large School Delegation at George Mason High School (GMHSMUN 2009) Conference on October 17th.
TJ Delegates won Best Delegate Awards in 7 out of the 10 committees they participated in! Congratulations to all the Delegates! Best Delegate Awards were presented to Andrew Barlow, Mike Crumplar, Brendan Kim, Swetha Pasala, John Pulice, Serena Saffarini, Anirudh Saraswathula, Dan Wang, Deanna Zhu, and Jacob Zucker. Outstanding Delegates were Collin Jones, Miller Ke, Arda Menzilcioglu, Neal Milstein, Steve Qian, Kishore Rao, Avi Sachs, Mohima Sanyal, and Dennis Wang. Honorable Delegates were John Han, Ashneil Jain, Mayank Jain, Hannah Lan, Kevin Lim, William Lucht, Matt Lycas, Shreyas Mahapatra, Andy Mai, Jason Miller, Adam Mounts, Ryan Pillai, Pranava Raparla, Sid Sethi, Shiram Sundararamah, and Anurag Shyamala. Verbal Commendations were awarded to Chantelle Ekanem, Ashu Goel, Wills Johnston, Kamna Kathuria, Michael Nguyen, Richard Nguyen, Allen Shi, and Shiying Yang.

Quizbowl Team Qualifies for Nationals

The TJ Quizbowl team went to the "Rumble on the Pike" tournament held at Richard Montgomery High School on Saturday, September 12th. Team A, consisting of Stephen Eltinge (captain), Diana Gerr, Olivia Murton, and Seoup Youn, finished third overall in a field of sixteen teams. Team B, Greyson Lewis (captain), Siddharth Hariharan, James Bradbury, and Graham Lobel finished eighth overall. Stephen Eltinge ranked sixth overall in individual scoring out of more than sixty competitors. By finishing in the top three, the A team qualified for the High School National Championship Tournament (HSNCT) held annually in Chicago.

Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas & Policy Debate Teams “Break” at Wake Forest

At the 2009 Wake Forest National Earlybird Tournament in September, TJ sent students from its Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas and Policy Debate teams. TJ’s Public Forum team Rebecca Friedman and Emily Yu won four of six rounds, breaking to semifinals. TJ’s Lincoln Douglas team sent two students at the Varsity Level, and two at the JV level. In Varsity, Akaash Gupta broke to quarterfinals, winning five of his six rounds, and Ashneil Jain broke to double octofinals, winning three of his six rounds. In Junior Varsity, Omeed Maghzian and Betty Huang both broke to octofinals by winning three of six rounds. Policy Debate sent three teams to compete at the Varsity level, and Hannah Clark and Andre Kessler broke to double octofinals, winning four of their six rounds.

Botball Team Update

On July 4th and 5th, two TJ robotics teams competed with 61 other teams in the 2009 International Botball Tournament. One TJ team placed among the top 8 teams, with 5 wins and 2 losses. The other TJ team won 2 and lost 2. Team members included Caelen Garret, Jonathan Corzo, Lio Kang, Mark Kang, Jimmy Clark, Megan Clark, David Ensey, Joel Heck, Mac Stevens, Eric Kolker, Jeremy Vercillo, David Mazzocco, and Jake Hermle. In addition, Liam Carter-Condon, Lawrence Diao, Benjin Dubishar, Samraat Goel, Steven Howard, George Li, Chris McPherson and Ashley Miller, competed as members of the Dead Robots, a multi-school team. The Dead Robots also were finalists, and won the Judge’s Choice award for “Best Engineering.”

Certamen News

TJ Certamen spent the summer preparing for and competing at the National Junior Classical League Convention held at UC Davis in July. While all TJ participants at the convention performed well on tests, creative arts, and graphic arts, special recognition is due to the individuals who participated in the national certamen. In the Intermediate level, Daniel Kim and Frederick Short, with alternates Zachary Seid and Akhila Ananthram, placed second. In the Upper Level, Anne Marie Creighton, with alternates Christopher Kilgore and Amith Ananthram, placed third.

Math, Science, and Linguistics Olympiad News

This summer, Vivaek Shivakumar represented the United States in the 7th International Olympiad in Linguistics, and received an Honorable Mention. Brian Hamrick represented the United States in two computer science Olympiads. In the Central European Olympiad in Informatics, he placed 8th and earned a silver medal. In the 21st International Olympiad in Informatics, he placed 15th and earned a gold medal.

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